"When will you come to see me?"

Late last year I blogged about our decision to sponsor two children through two different charities, World Vision and Compassion International.

Yesterday I learnt that 5 bloggers were today due to embark on Compassion International’s trip to Kolkata, East India. It was through reading a couple of blogs from two previous trips that led me to deciding to go ahead with sponsoring our second child very soon after making the decision to sponsor the first. The bloggers’ first hand experience of visiting their sponsored children, and of witnessing the work of Compassion International moved my heart in so many ways.

Mary at Owlhaven, and Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer, two of several ordinary people who had been given this opportunity and whose eyes become a window into another world far from ours. And now another handful of people have taken on the role of Compassion Bloggers, chosen to show us just how little it takes to make a big, big difference.

This morning I received a letter from our sponsored child, Doreen. Doreen is eight years old, living with her father and grandmother in Uganda. We know very little about her yet. Introductions have only just been made and there is so much I want to know about her. I imagine she’d like to know about these strangers over here too.

I know that she appreciated the small monetary gift we sent her as a Christmas present, which bought her the rarity of a new dress and shoes, and of food. I know that she enjoys playing with her doll, writing and singing. I know that she lives near a sugar factory. I know that she washes utensils and cooks and cleans her home. I know that she is learning about reading and praying at her Compassion centre. I know that she thanks God for a sponsor to help her. I know these things because she said so in her second letter to me. (Her first letter was a simple “Thank you! Thank you!” on a sheet of paper.)

But the thing that stood out in the letter is her one question to me. Her one question of “When will you come to see me?”.

I can’t wait to find out more about her. I can’t wait to get more letters, and to hear about what she’s learning about, and what she hopes to become. And I would dearly love to be able to go to see her. Perhaps one day we’ll find a way to make a visit possible. For now, I don’t need an aeroplane ticket. £21 a month, an amount that we truly don’t miss, and a letter with a stamp on it goes a long, long way to making a difference in Doreen’s life.

If sponsoring a child is something you’ve never considered then why not just think about it? You can find out the answers to many questions on the Compassion website (or here if you’re in the UK). If you think you’re no good at writing letters there are plenty of ideas here. And there are plenty of updates and information on the Compassion blog too.

If it’s something you’ve been thinking about doing but haven’t done yet, then just go ahead and do it. It won’t be something you’ll regret.

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