Worrying times

Today I had my mid pregnancy scan. I haven’t had a good couple of days, with one thing and another, so I’m not surprised that today was a shambles from the moment we walked in.

For once I managed to find a parking space quite easily in the hospital car park. We arrived ten minutes before my appointment time, because as the sign tells you “If you are more than twenty minutes late for your appointment you will have to reschedule a new one.” Half an hour after my appointment time I was finally called into the sonographer’s room.

There were two sonographers in there, a lady and a man. The man would begin and asked me to lay down on the table. “No, up a bit, over a bit, down, you’re too far down, move yourself up….”. After a while of this he told me that I was stressed. Quote “because you have so many children”. I only had the three youngest with me, two of which were in a buggy and the third sitting perfectly well on the chair beside me. All three children were quiet. “I am stressed but it’s not because I have so many children.” I told him.

Man sonographer asked if I’d had any bleeding. I told him I had early on in the pregnancy for a couple of weeks.

The lady then asked me twice whether I wanted to know the sex. No I do not. I don’t want to know. Twice, while the man sat beside me did I state this.

Man Sonographer began the scan. All was looking good. My wonderful neighbour and friend who accompanied me marvelled at how the picture was so clear and how much you could see. Oh everything was going well. Nothing to worry about at all!

Then, he began to tell me the sex!! “I DON’T WANT TO KNOW!” I said… again.

And then he told me.

“I said that I didn’t want to know.” I said quietly.

“Oh I’m so sorry”. Thanks.

“There’s a bleed in the baby’s bowel,” he said. Then he continued “It could just be where it’s swallowed some of your bleed earlier on in the pregnancy, or it could be more serious. But it’s likely to be because of the bleeding.”

He then continued the scan. A while during which nothing was explained to me, indeed I was completely ignored while the two of them spoke quietly between themselves. Then he began saying how everything is fine. All measurements are good, and nothing to show any concern. Sid had managed to dislodge a part of the buggy – not a big deal, just the drinks tray in front of him. According to man sonographer he was being a bad boy. I told him that actually, he was a very good boy and was not being bad at all.

While my friend took Eddie to the toilet man sonographer apologised again for telling me the sex. Apparently, this is only the second time he did this in all the time he’s been doing the job. I told him it didn’t matter.

“Never mind” I told him.

Inside I thought “Perhaps try listening to people next time.”

Around forty five minutes later I was still lying there, only now they had swapped over. Lady sonographer had now taken over and was getting the final measurements.

Almost an hour after I first went in we were finally ready to leave and about to walk out of the door. One moment they were saying how everything was ok with the baby and there was nothing to worry about. Just… hold on… actually…

… baby has a hyperechogenic bowel. They went over how they’d said that it may be where it had swallowed some of the bleeding from earlier in the pregnancy. Only now they are more concerned that it may be an indicator of fetal infection, cystic fibrosis, bowel obstruction or chromosomal abnormalities. Could I have a blood test and go back for another growth scan? Yes, of course I can.

So I was asked to wait in the waiting room for the paperwork. The lady sonographer came out after another ten minutes and told me that I’d have to go back on Monday for a blood test, then back again next Wednesday for another scan. She handed me the paperwork to give to the receptionist, and then she walked off. The receptionist had no idea what to do. “Leave it with me and we’ll get in touch” she said handing me some papers.

I got home and looked at the papers, expecting them to have some information regarding my blood test, perhaps, or my scan appointment.


I was upset, tired, fed up and didn’t have a clue what was going on. I rang the hospital back and explained the situation. Now I have to wait until someone calls me on Monday as the lady who makes the appointments isn’t in today (!). Obviously, nobody else is qualified to make appointments in this hospital.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to think. I’m extremely worried, have no idea if my baby is ok or what is going to happen as nothing has been explained to me in even the slightest detail. Google certainly isn’t your friend when you’re worried about something so I’m torn between doing my own research and not, because the answers are far too upsetting.

I feel useless and sad and don’t know what to do.

Please God, please let our baby be ok.

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7 thoughts on “Worrying times

  1. I have just typed NINE different things….LEt’s just say I’m praying for you ..and that God is stronger than your inept medical establishment!

  2. (((Hugs))) You & your baby are in my prayers. Try to stay away from google, it always has the most extreme info and really isn't any help when you are already worried.

  3. I hope everything goes ok. I can’t believe how incredibly infuriating those sonogram techs were! I should think they would be bending over backwards apologizing. As for the possible complication. I am sorry you have to wait to find out more. That can be a terrible thing, the waiting. If I were you I would get on Yahoo Answers and ask some questions about it or search the already asked questions. This is a great way to find out information because often the answerers are people who have been through it themselves. I also used to get on LiveJournal and go to a pregnancy forum there where many many women of varied experience could always answer my questions on just about anything. They also have a search feature where you could maybe find out something quickly. Good luck. Hope you get some comforting news soon.

  4. OH my goodness! You’re not kidding, a stressful day to say the least!!! I would want to choke the sonographer, but that would be wrong…right? yes. I’m sorry. Insensitive man, grossly so.

    As for the complication, I am praying, hard, for it to be simply a scare by a senseless tech. God knows what’s going on…you know that. in the meantime, i will pray for peace and comfort for you and the safety and health of your babe.

    St. Gerard Majella, pray for us!

  5. Oh Hon – what an awful experience – sounds like those staff need severe lessons in patient relations and when to say what – totally off about gender, and not at all fair to leave you so unsure about what is or isn’t going on with bubs. Praying all is in fact well – why can’t you just have a smooth and easy time with hospital staff?!?
    Don’t go researching till you know if it’s even worth looking – the Internet is such a scary place in times like these.
    Huge hugs.

  6. UGH!! I just posted a long comment and got an error message.
    Let me just say I am so very sorry this all transpired the way it did. And you are in my prayers.

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