We all need something we can depend on

You are always there for me.


No matter what else life throws at me I know that I can depend on you being there.

There isn’t anything else you’d rather do. There isn’t anywhere else you’d rather be.

You are always there for me.

No matter what.

Your presence is constant. You commit to never let me forget that you’ll always be around. We’ve shared many moments, you and I.

I’m sorry to have to tell you that things are going to be changing. Perhaps not very soon, or even in the next couple of months, but hopefully, at some point this year.

The truth is that as much as you may your consistency and presence reassures me and makes me feel wanted, needed, even loved, I have to tell you that actually… it doesn’t.

You are always there.

You greet me first thing in the morning.

You are there, several times every single day.

And you are the last thing to bid me a goodnight before I climb the steps to my bed.

And I have had enough!

I have to be blunt here. I cannot soften the blow you are about to receive.

I have had enough of my life revolving around you. Over the years you have bound yourself to me more and more. It has now reached the point where I can’t spend a few hours out without you beckoning me. I have to make sure that you are all sorted, all ready and, all dealt with and much as it pains me to tell you this, my world does not revolve around you.

Sometimes, absence makes the heart grow fonder, you know?

I think we need a break.

So we have made a decision.

We’re planning on getting a second washing machine.

Don’t mock, you clingy, committed laundry pile, just because you know that finances aren’t readily available, for believe me, somehow we will get there. And get this… we are even hoping to be able to get a cheap but reliable washer dryer so that we can dry any extra there isn’t the room to hang any more.

But no more will we be spending every minute of every day together. No more will you be there for me after lunch time. No more will I listen to your humming and whirring bidding me goodnight before bedtime. I’ll give you my mornings, but then, that’s it!

It’s for your own good.

Actually, no.

It’s for mine.


5 thoughts on “We all need something we can depend on

  1. I thought you were going to give up some of your internet time there Tania!!

    Go the washing machine. I think of you when I see the 8.5 kg washers in our local electrical goods shop.

    Hope Eddie had a lovely birthday. I remember you posting about his birth when I was a new Nappy Lady.

  2. Do you think I have gone completely mad Sandra? Give up internet time indeed. That would be like you giving up your garden!


  3. I did wonder if it was the pooter that was going to lose you, but nope, the washer makes sense! If you could have waited till year end and if we lived in the same country, I could have given you one, as my parents are moving down to live in our fully-equipped gite, but I’m starting to think maybe putting two machines together is a good idea and will filch the spare one – we might “only” be six, but it’s amazing how emlty laundry baskets so quickly contain 3-6 machine loads, especially on bedding-change days! I could certainly have given you a tumble drier as I’m lucky enough to never need to use ours (and my parents won’t need the gite one) – so if anyone knows a way to get a tumble drier from the south of France to Tania’s, just let me know LOL!
    I have to admit that laundry is probably the bane of the mother of a larger family – and my laundry baskets are calling me right now!
    Go girl – regain some distance!

  4. Thank you for your nice comment and the prayers too, I’ll take ’em! Bless you.

    As for the washer: brilliant idea! I used to have 2, one good one and one not, thinking i’d use the not so good one for the really rough nasty things, but it was in a different part of the house and didn’t work well enough. So I finally got rid of it and reclaimed the space for linens. However, the concept is brilliant and I know of a family of 11 that does this exact thing w/ great success! If I had room, I’d do the same. However my Fisher and Paykel (w/ topload dryer: brilliant) does a great job of keeping up, despite the repairman’s asssertion that it wasn’t meant for such “industrial workload” as we have in our house. ha!

    Nevertheless, it’s a quality of life issue and if you can get a set of 2 or even 2 of one of them….the difference should be dramatic. bravA!!!!!!! (altho I will say that the bane in this house is the putting up, not the washing or drying, I don’t mind that, it’s the putting away, gak!)

    And thank goodness you’re not giving up the net. We’d all be worse for it.

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