16 weeks and what a way to mark it

Today I am 16 weeks pregnant exactly. I am past the first trimester nausea and sickness which wasn’t anywhere near as bad as my first pregnancy where on one occasion I … (read the rest of the post at the “Lots of Kids and Pregnant Again” blog here).

One thought on “16 weeks and what a way to mark it

  1. It’s worrying for you, of course it is – but bear in mind I managed to flip a car FOWARDS to fly through the air and land on its roof in a potato field when I was in early pregnancy with my first – OK, he’s not he most normal child in the world, but honestly, he’s fine! Our bodies do an amazing job of protecting their previous bundles. I had a car incident at the same stage of pregnancy with DS3 too (didn’t have access to car with DS2, so maybe that was why nothing happened then!) as had a blow-out at 80mph on the M4 – jinxed!
    If you’re worried, get yourself checked, just to put your mind at rest, but I’m sure you’re both fine (well, beanie more than you no doubt!)
    Hugs and sympathy.

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