You don’t need snow to make a snowman

A week or two ago we had a smattering of snow. It brought the younger children to the window, asking if enough had fallen for them to go out and build a snowman yet.
Two hours later the snow had stopped and there was no sign that any had fallen. To say they were disappointed is an understatement.

This morning we set out for the normal 7.30 start on the school run. By the time the younger ones and I got home at nine we were cold, wet and “grateful to be in the house” as Eddie stated yesterday, which was an equally miserable day. The wind had bitten our noses and the rain had whipped our faces. We were quite weather beaten.

So, once our clothes were changed and we’d had a warm slice of toast and I’d settled Paddy down for his morning nap Eddie and Sid took to making snowmen at the kitchen table.

First you take your snowman shape cut out of cardboard from a cereal packet. Cover it with glue. Lots of glue. No, more than that…

… then stick on lots of cotton wool…

… add scraps of material to make the eyes, nose, hat and scarf and a couple of twigs from the garden for the arms. Allow to dry and show off your masterpiece!

Who needs snow?!

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