Our children have chores

But sometimes things happen which make it hard for them to carry them out. For example, it is Ben’s job to hoover the downstairs of the house and wash the floors every evening after dinner. Unfortunately, due to overwork and far too many crumbs on the carpet day after day, the hoover head (not Ben) fell apart and didn’t work very well, despite the attempts to tape it back together.

And tape it a little more.

And a bit more.

Ben’s cries of “I am doing it properly! It’s BROKEN!!!” finally got too much for us to bear. The poor child was suffering in his quest to carry out his chores and his woeful cries pierced our hearts until after dinner one day…

Oh look at his happy face!

Yes, I know, we are wonderful parents aren’t we? But just to reassure you that we won’t spoil him too much we promise to hold off getting a new mop for him until the old one is well past its best.

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