February 1, 2015

Rainy And Cold Day Play

girl playing in rain

    With the weather still being dark and gloomy this winter, it can often be hard to occupy the kids. For us stay at home mums it is vital that we still encourage our children to be active and have fun and educational play, even in bad weather. Learning new ways to play and […]

6 Easy Fundraising Ideas For Your Kid’s School

Fundraiser Thermometer Tracks Goal Reached Success

    In these days of budget cuts and layoffs, many schools rely on added income in order to be able to provide teaching and equipment for its pupils. The odd bake sale here and there is no longer the most effective way to secure cash for schools. Are you searching for simple yet effective […]

Date night for parents – how to get away from the kids for the evening

romantic dinner

    Having a large family can be a marvellous privilege, but even the most doting parents need the occasional night off from the kids – a chance to reconnect with each other and rekindle the romance of their marriage. But for modern working couples stuck in a routine of school runs and homework supervision, […]

10 Great Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

Baby's first Christmas

    Whether it’s your first baby or your 13th, there is nothing quite as special as baby’s first Christmas. Whilst it isn’t something that your baby will remember, it’s still a milestone occasion that you’ll want to mark with something special. Here are some great gift ideas for your baby’s first Christmas that both […]

How Safe Are Your Kids? Important Parenting Advice

Chalk drawing of a family

    By their nature, children are scatty. They run around; they touch things they shouldn’t and they try to eat their toys. As a parent, it is your duty to protect your kids. It’s not easy. Children seem completely unaware of any danger. They go around the world thinking that everything is safe. That […]

Make a difference by fostering a child

mother and son

    Children are so very important to our society. They bring new life and new opportunities just by being here. Children, unfortunately, are some of the most underappreciated human beings on the face of the planet. Even though we may not completely know why we treat them this way, they have learned to adapt. […]

5 Tips for Returning to Work After a Break


    As your children grow older and become less dependent on you, you may decide that the time has come to return to work. Getting back into the workforce can fill you with mixed feelings of excitement and nervous anticipation rolled into one. Here are eight tips on making the transition back into work […]

Fun Activities to Help Keep the Whole Family Fit & Healthy


    Family life has changed quite dramatically over recent years. Technology now pervades almost every aspect of our daily lives. And whilst this has come with many advantages, there have been some disadvantages as well. In some ways it has had negative implications for ourselves, our children and for the whole experience of family […]

Motherhood of Yesteryear: Parenting Wisdom from the Past


    Pregnancy and parenting issues seem to be subject to ever-changing advice and recommendation. It seems there isn’t a week that goes by when we are recommended to avoid something we were previously told was okay during pregnancy, or for the latest parenting advice to completely contradict the advice given in earlier days. I […]

How to Survive a Cinema Trip with Young Children

Kid girl holding clapper board in hands isolated

    We know the story; a new film is coming out that your child is desperate to see but you’re not so sure. After all, cinemas are loud, they’re dark and sitting through an entire film, well, that’s quite a lengthy period of time! Thankfully, a little consideration and preparation can result in a […]

Norman Peires knows you have to let your children try, and sometimes fail

Young hopeful businessman

    It’s human nature for people to want to help their children as much as possible. Nurturing our young is an instinctive part of parenthood, and key to this is making sure they are given every opportunity to be successful. Parents try to make their children’s lives as easy as possible, but is it […]

Setting Boundaries: How Do Parents Discipline Their Children?

You're grounded!!!

      Earlier this year, Room to Grow organised a discipline survey which asked UK parents to answer a series of simple questions on how they manage their children and their general attitude towards discipline. More than 1000 parents responded. The first part of the survey asked parents how regularly (always, often, sometimes, rarely […]

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