June 27, 2016

Angst 101: How To Talk To a Teenager

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      It hasn’t all been clear sailing since you got through the “terrible twos,” but you’ve finally reached the point where you and your darling offspring can actually have a meaningful conversation. Your son or daughter has become a person you may even enjoy talking to. What a delightful surprise! And then puberty […]

Six hacks to planning a hassle-free kids’ birthday party


      Every parent knows how important it is to give your child the best birthday. Not only do you want them to have fun, you also want to give them lasting memories of great times with their family and friends. But with work commitments, parenting pressures and the notion of entertaining dozens of […]

How I Juggle Business, Pregnancy & Motherhood: Melissa’s Story


      We are always keen to hear from other parents who have gone on to successfully combine parenting with running a business of their own. We know that it’s not always easy so love the inspiration and motivation we get when others share their experiences. Today we have the privilege of featuring Melissa […]

To the mum who was asked to leave John Lewis because her child was having a tantrum…

Anna and Ollie

    Hang in there. The article I read quoted you as saying that you were made to feel like a rubbish parent. I wanted to reassure you that you are not. You’re a real parent. Trying to placate a toddler or young child mid-tantrum is rather like trying to put fart putty back into […]

10 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family

Mother and her child holding hands in heart shape framing on nat

  We usually think of St. Valentine’s Day as a way to show our partner how much we love and care for them, but when you have children there is so much more love to celebrate! So this year on St. Valentine’s Day, instead of hiring a baby sitter and going out for a romantic […]

How to help your children cope with moving home

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    So maybe you’ve found a bigger, better house; you might have been offered your dream job in another town or have just decided to try newer pastures. Regardless of the reason, the moving process can be an uncertain and stressful time for everyone, especially for your children. They may have a range of […]