February 5, 2016

10 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family

Mother and her child holding hands in heart shape framing on nat

  We usually think of St. Valentine’s Day as a way to show our partner how much we love and care for them, but when you have children there is so much more love to celebrate! So this year on St. Valentine’s Day, instead of hiring a baby sitter and going out for a romantic […]

How to help your children cope with moving home

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    So maybe you’ve found a bigger, better house; you might have been offered your dream job in another town or have just decided to try newer pastures. Regardless of the reason, the moving process can be an uncertain and stressful time for everyone, especially for your children. They may have a range of […]

Five crafting ideas for you and the kids this winter


    During those winter months it’s easy to hunker down and go into a semi state of hibernation. The nights are long and many of us don’t use the daytime as we would do during the summer months. So once you are home why not enjoy those evenings and weekends with the children by […]

4 Ways To Create More Magical Moments With The Kids


    Being a parent is the greatest feeling in the world, and seeing our little ones grow up is a joy like no other. If you blink, though, you’ll miss it. They’ll have flown the nest and all you’ll have left is those magical memories. Therefore, it’s imperative that you squeeze as many wonderful […]

5 Simple Ways to Keep Kids Entertained this Winter

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    We all know that kids are non-stop, and they have the energy to burn. But, what we don’t know is how to harness that energy and tire them out so they will go to bed! The lack of good weather during winter often means finding different ways to keep them occupied. Whether you […]

Awesome Leisure Ideas Your Kids Will Love

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  As parents, we are always looking for fresh ideas to keep the children amused. And this can often prove a hard task for a lot of parents. If you have kids, you’ll need to find leisure activities to keep them occupied and interested. But a lot of parents might struggle with this, or find […]