September 2, 2014

Fun Activities to Help Keep the Whole Family Fit & Healthy


    Family life has changed quite dramatically over recent years. Technology now pervades almost every aspect of our daily lives. And whilst this has come with many advantages, there have been some disadvantages as well. In some ways it has had negative implications for ourselves, our children and for the whole experience of family […]

Motherhood of Yesteryear: Parenting Wisdom from the Past


    Pregnancy and parenting issues seem to be subject to ever-changing advice and recommendation. It seems there isn’t a week that goes by when we are recommended to avoid something we were previously told was okay during pregnancy, or for the latest parenting advice to completely contradict the advice given in earlier days. I […]

How to Survive a Cinema Trip with Young Children

Kid girl holding clapper board in hands isolated

    We know the story; a new film is coming out that your child is desperate to see but you’re not so sure. After all, cinemas are loud, they’re dark and sitting through an entire film, well, that’s quite a lengthy period of time! Thankfully, a little consideration and preparation can result in a […]

Norman Peires knows you have to let your children try, and sometimes fail

Young hopeful businessman

    It’s human nature for people to want to help their children as much as possible. Nurturing our young is an instinctive part of parenthood, and key to this is making sure they are given every opportunity to be successful. Parents try to make their children’s lives as easy as possible, but is it […]

Setting Boundaries: How Do Parents Discipline Their Children?

You're grounded!!!

      Earlier this year, Room to Grow organised a discipline survey which asked UK parents to answer a series of simple questions on how they manage their children and their general attitude towards discipline. More than 1000 parents responded. The first part of the survey asked parents how regularly (always, often, sometimes, rarely […]

The free gift that EVERY mum wants this half term


      If you could have anything at all this half term what would it be? Here is my gift to you (care of Groupon): 60 minutes of peace and quiet! I know, you’re all emotional with the thought. Why not make someone else’s day and pay it forward? (The terms and conditions are […]

How to Help Your Teen Pass Their Theory Test

Woman holding ripped L plate after passing driving test

    The theory test is one of the very first steps a person must take to passing their driving test and becoming a fully fledged driving license holder. If your teen is soon to be taking the theory test, it’s important that you support them at this time, as it can be very stressful […]

10 Career Ideas For Working Parents


    Some people feel that their working lives are pretty much over with once they have children. Babies and very young children obviously need much care during those early crucial stages of their lives, and many parents feel that they have to give up work or any prospects of having a career. But considering […]

Answering questions on risking my life, how our family plans to integrate into society and ‘home university’

3d small people - complicated question

    Last night Channel 4 re-ran the first of our two episodes of ’16 Kids and Counting’. Once more we’ve had several lovely emails and messages, but one person in particular voiced their somewhat anxious – perhaps even angry – concerns in the comments over on this post on our site here. As Gill […]

Who ate the dessert?

Bel did not stick her fingers in the dessert

    I made a lemon curd tart for dessert today. There were fingerprints in it. 16-month-old Bel says it wasn’t her. What do you think?                         Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on faves Buzz it up […]

Simple Tips for a Healthier Family

Ripe apple with leaf

  Most people believe that our body and health is the most vulnerable during the autumn time, when the amount of sun goes down, as well as the temperature. In fact, we have to take care about our powers every day of the year, but switching from warm summer to chillier autumn means also a […]

Sew, a needle pulling thread… the large family way!

Libby concentrates...

    Eddie is our resident crafter. He always has several projects on the go and his creativity and imagination knows no bounds. This morning he set about making himself an eye mask.     As with pretty much anything in this house, curious siblings quickly gathered to see what was going on and whether […]

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