May 27, 2015

When’s the Right Age to Start Potty Training?

Green potty

  Every parent asks this question but in truth, there is no right age to potty train. While most are potty trained between the ages of 2 and 3, it can take a little longer for other children. Natural readiness simply varies from child to child. It takes time, understanding and patience. You cannot rush […]

When is it right to start talking to your child about money? (Plus £5 for every reader!)

Pocket money

  Vanessa Cameron, Qwiddle founder, former banker and mum of three, shares her advice on teaching children about money. Larger Family Life readers can also receive a £5 credit when they open a Qwiddle account. Read on to find out more: You can often hear parents chatting about how much pocket money they give their […]

Our Large Family Story on Film – Updated

    Meet our family. 2 parents. 13 children. One big home-working, home-educating, travel-loving, almost-self-sufficient(ish) large family! See our story on film:     You can also watch the previous version of our story here:     Watch more videos and keep up with the latest from our family on our YouTube channel. Click here to […]

Why I want my children to have less in life


  It probably isn’t often that you will come across a parent openly stating that they would like their child to have less in life. After all, why on earth would a parent want their child to have little? Surely we ought to want them to have the whole world and more, shouldn’t we? Not […]

The Family Day Trip Survival Guide


    What better way to make the most of the good weather than to plan some fabulous family day trips? Where young children are involved though, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Being organised is the key to a successful day and happy faces. The last thing you want is whinging, whining or crying kids. […]

Father and son bonding trips: the number one guide on where to visit in the UK


    Few things in life are as much of an adventure as fatherhood. Fathers may see themselves as providers, teachers or protectors, but ultimately one of the most important things they can do for their sons is to spend time with them. If you’re looking for activities you can share with your son, consider […]

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