Top 10 Ways to Budget Better

    Creating and sticking to a budget does not imply that you have to lose out on important things.  A workable and practical budget will allow you to put a brake on needless expenses as well as allowing you to do the things that your family enjoys.  Families that sit down and talk about… Read More

How to Re-purpose Old Clothes

    Most people tend to accumulate sizeable piles of old clothes that generally get discarded after some time or else languish in a box for decades together. But the truth is that old clothes can be reinvented for many purposes. Besides saving you a lot of money, this is a proactive step towards saving… Read More

Preparing for a New Baby on a Budget

    Preparing for a baby is packed with its share of joyous moments tempered with bouts of overwhelming anxiety about your budget constraints. The process involves learning to juggle your expenses while avoiding compromise on quality and safety standards of the products you buy. The colourful displays of attractive baby paraphernalia can present an… Read More

The advantages of unconventional living

    Our lives, indeed our lifestyle, hasn’t quite panned out the way we imagined it would.  For a start, when we went on our first date (23 years ago tomorrow) as fresh-faced 14 and 16 year olds we would never have imagined a dozen children at least making up our family twenty years down… Read More

Savings in austerity Britain – let’s talk tips

  I was recently asked to provide some thoughts and feedback in response to a recent survey of 2,000 families throughout the UK carried out by Santander. Those surveyed were asked about their family finances and on their ability to save in the current financial climate. I noted that almost half the people surveyed have… Read More

Large family budgeting – cloth nappies

One of the main questions we often get as a large family is, “How do you afford it?”.  I talk in more detail about our history and how we got to where we are now in our book.  We aren’t wealthy by any means but we get by. One huge saving is that on nappies… Read More