Joint Bank Accounts and Financial Abuse

    Choosing whether to open a joint bank account with a friend or partner is a personal decision that should not be taken lightly. Sadly, many domestic abuse victims find themselves unable to escape because their partners have taken control of the finances, subjecting them to severe financial abuse. I was lucky in that… Read More

Pots & Pans – 6 Essential Cookware Items (and What to Prepare in Each of Them)

  Perhaps you’re stocking up on cooking equipment for your first home, or perhaps you’ve finally realized it’s time to get rid of your old, damaged cookware. Maybe you just want to add a few key pieces to level up your cooking game. Whatever your reason, the following cookware items are essential, and we’re going… Read More

Victims of Domestic Abuse Will Have Longer to Report a Crime

So Priti Patel has agreed to change the law to give victims of domestic abuse more time to report a crime, increasing the time limit from six months to two years. We have already been alerted to the alarming rise in domestic abuse cases being dropped due to timing out and only a short while… Read More

“But I’m Not Hitting You” – Why Domestic Abuse Is Not Just Physical

  He said he never hit me so it wasn’t domestic abuse. The truth is, coercive control and domestic abuse is not just physical. Like many who look back in hindsight and hear great klaxons of warnings at certain memories, I carry a lot of guilt, shame and embarrassment that I did not realise what… Read More