Cultivating Faith- How Parents Can Disciple Their Kids


Parenting goes beyond raising children by fulfilling their physical and financial needs. It is also about cultivating faith in them right from a young age, and parents play the most significant role in the process. Consider it like pushing your child down the slide and being there at the other end to hold them. Everything boils down to winning the trust so that they let go and follow your lead confidently. In fact, you can be the first disciple-maker at home even before the child steps into the church. Here are a few tips to help you disciple your kids at home. 

Understand the learning pattern of your child

Before teaching little ones the lessons of faith, you must understand the learning pattern that works for your child. Remember that not all kids learn the same way. Moreover, siblings in the same family are developmentally on different emotional or spiritual levels, so they learn differently. As a parent, you must find a way that keeps your kids engaged and interested. For example, you may read out to them, create a game or puzzle, or write a song. 

Lead by example

Discipleship for the little ones gets tricky, but parents can simplify it by leading by example. Commit to living what you preach because children tend to imbibe parental behavior. Instilling the love of the Bible in your little ones will be a lot easier by reading, praying through, and learning from it. These actions model your spiritual growth before your kids and encourage them to walk on the same path.

Seek help

Although you must do your bit to disciple your kids at home, do not expect to do it alone. You will probably need help stepping into the shoes of a disciple-maker, so do not hesitate to ask for it. Consider seeking guidance from your pastor, a close friend, or a like-minded couple trying to do the same with their kids. You may even join a discipleship training program to ramp up your skills. Implement them at home to start with, and move to make disciples in your church and community. 

Make the lessons practical

As a disciple-maker, you must focus on making the lessons more practical. The objective of teaching the Bible is to help kids learn the truths of the faith and apply them in their lives. So you must ensure that your little disciples live the truth by imbibing the teachings of the faith in their behavior. Essentially, the success of your teachings replicates the way they treat others. 

Ensure discipline

Disciplining your disciples involves training them to stay true to the lessons they learn. Use biblical values as anchor points to help kids understand the value of doing good. Emphasize positive traits like telling the truth, obeying the elders, and treating others with kindness. Start with small steps, and connect them with the lessons of the faith. Rewards good behavior, but find creative ways to penalize bad behavior so that they steer clear of repeating it.

Cultivating faith in your kids is as much a part of parental responsibility as providing for their needs. Spend quality time with your children and educate subtly to become a disciple maker at home.








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