The ultimate guide to choosing different types of men’s hats


While the most significant reason for covering your head with the hat is protection from extreme weather conditions, such as rain and sunshine. Thus, most men wear a cap as an element of fashion, thereby helping them finish off an eclectic appearance in a simple yet elegant style. 

Other peripheral areas such as watches and shoes add little elegance to the attire. However, wearing a hat can enhance the look of a man with any outfit. When it comes to hats, men can choose from wide-ranging options, from fedoras to bucket hats. However, it would help if you had a clear idea about the different types of caps that compliment multiple outfits. Styling your hat with the wrong outfit spoils the look, allowing people to mock you. 


Here are a few types of hats helping men to enhance their style

Hats are one of the most stylish accessories for men


Panama hats

Panama hats are light in weight and offer a perfect combination with a white shirt, preferably for a beach. Men usually style a Panama hat during warm weather conditions and occasions that are fun-loving. Panama hats come out of the leaves of a Palm plant, thereby providing it a traditional straw look. It is a must-have accessory for a vacation to the beach or any tropical destination. Panama hats are summer-friendly and can easily be in bright sunshine blending nicely with crisp linen outfits. It is not the right accessory for winters as they are light in color and weight. Panama hats are highly breathable with a study structure and suit the best with casual wear.


Fedora hats

Fedora was an essential accessory in the world of business in the past. It has been a polarizing accessory for men with a firm brim and an indented crown. It is commonly paired with casual outfits and is a fantastic addition to the men’s wardrobe. Fedora headgears are available in multiple colors and sizes. However, a firm brimmed hat looks best in neutral tones and medium sizes. Fedora hats offer versatility in fashion, allowing them to enhance their appearance by styling such big hats.


Bowler hats

One of the most iconic accessories worn by the British is the bowler hat. It has acquired its taste from renowned actors. A bowler hat comes out of felting material with a narrow brim and round crown. In ancient times, bowler hats got paired with blue collars. The best way to carry a Derby hat is to combine it with a classic suit and a pole in your hand. Bowler hats look best when paired with suits when high society. One of the most striking aspects of a Derby hat is that it is not upper-class appropriate, and people from different backgrounds wear it. To give your Derby hat a British accent, you can pair it with tailored pants and double-breasted suits.


Dad hats

One of the most spectacular vintage accessories that offer laid-back style is dad hats. If you are one of those who cannot do without a hat, dad hats are the best choice for you. Dad hats got created from cotton or canvas material with a short brim and an adjustable strap for the closure. It has a relaxed fitting due to the soft material. It is ideal sportswear and can also be used to enhance a casual look.


Flat caps

Flat caps once worn by farmers and sweepers have now become popular among actors and celebrities. The flat hats have become a stylish piece of headwear, adding charm to a smart-casual outfit. A flat cap is the best accessory you can wear on the weekend. It looks best when paired with a blazer sweater or a jacket. It is most suitable for a vacation in the countryside, providing extra warmth and comfort on a casual outing.


Newsboy hats

A widely popular styling element from the 20th century, the newsboy hat is a fashionable headgear suitable for cold weather conditions. Made from woolen material, it is ideal for winter wear. Newsboy hats are similar to old-school caps with a curved brim and a button that attaches them to the front. Newsboy has a graceful headgear born by affluent men and women and High Street retailers to rock a smart casual outfit. However, men wearing a newsboy hat should be careful about the size as oversize headgear does not look good.


Bucket hats

As the name suggests, bucket hats are stylish accessories that appear like a bucket. It was popular in the nineties and owed its fashion to the musical subcultures. Bucket hats made of cotton fabrics and denim provide a spectacular urban look with their sloping brim. It is one of the most fashionable headgears for men, helping them raise the casual attire.

Bucket hats look best with jerseys and bomber jackets providing a street style for men.








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