How Can I Decorate a Bedroom with Mental Health in Mind?


Mental health is something which is becoming more frequently discussed – and for good reason. Even children are now known to suffer with mental health problems, whether for a short period of time, or for years on end. When you consider that a person’s bedroom is meant to be a safe haven, you can then understand the importance of factoring in mental health, regardless of whether it is for a child or adult, before finalising any purchases. Not only can this make the space more pleasant, but it may also play a part in keeping that person mentally healthy.



While a bedroom will require pieces of furniture, the ones that you choose can have a dramatic impact on a person’s ability to relax. This can also be important when you choose to change the furniture in your child’s bedroom. Give due thought to the space available, as an overcrowded room may feel more stressful and hectic. Instead, opting for a childrens highsleeper bed can give them a great way to relax, and also offer other bonuses, such as storage, room for a friend to sleep over, or even a little gaming station. This can especially be useful in smaller bedrooms, where your child may usually feel boxed in by all of the items they need to find homes for in a little space.


Colour Schemes

Different colours have often been associated with different moods, and the same can be said when decorating a bedroom. These can be a bit more complex than the simple red for angry, or blue for sad. Varying shades can also make you feel, or increase current levels of, certain emotions. By opting for colours that match with positivity and tranquillity, you can bring a sense of calm to a bedroom. While this may not mesh up with what your child wants, particularly if they are a teenager who prefers grunge or gothic styles, you may be able to find a compromise along the way.


Natural Light

A number of studies have found that a lack of Vitamin D can contribute to the factors of depression, causing low mood, or even making existing conditions that much worse. Natural light in a bedroom isn’t just a means of cutting down on the cost of lighting your home. It can also help to bring a bit of positivity to the person whose bedroom it is, by allowing them to get the recommended amount of natural light. This may also help to reduce eye strain, by removing the harsh lights and shades found in fake lighting.

Good mental health is vital to a person’s ability to be able to carry out their daily tasks, as well as to feel a sense of enjoyment in life. Whether you are changing your bedroom, or that of one of your children, you can consider the best ways to boost their mental health, allowing them to love their redesigned room even more than before.







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