The Overworked Mom: Affordable Ways to Pamper Yourself


A mother’s job is never done. Even when she’s sitting down watching television, she’s usually doing something for the family like folding laundry or preparing dinner. As demanding as the role can be sometimes, most women would agree – they wouldn’t change it for the world. If you’re going to continue being wonder woman for the family, however, you need to find a way to care for yourself. Outside of self-care, treating yourself right can boost your confidence and give you the joy you need to be there for your family.

Most women would love to treat themselves more, but due to family finances, may not have the budget to go out and splurge on a new wardrobe, massage, or getaway with friends. While those things are nice and certainly worth saving up for, there are ways to treat yourself in the meantime that are affordable and just as beneficial. Here are a few ideas below:

A Coffee or Espresso Machine

Sometimes, all it takes is a small amount of caffeine to make the day go right. However, your favorite drink from a local cafe could set you back several hundred bucks by the end of the month. Rather than go bankrupt trying to get a cup of Joe, you can invest in a coffee maker or espresso machine. With new versions being invented every day you can make your favorite cup of coffee from the comfort of your own home.

New Pillows

If there’s one thing moms probably don’t get enough of its sleep. Your body needs rest to replenish itself, but when you’re in charge of an entire brood, sleep can seem impossible. To get the most out of the hours you do get to shut your eyes, having the right bedding and accessories is a must. For instance, a memory foam cooling pillow can ensure that you aren’t tossing and turning through the night and minimize those awful neck and back aches you feel the next morning.

Wine Subscription

Another favorite beverage for moms is wine. There’s something about unwinding with your favorite glass of wine that can make the day seem less hectic. If you enjoy a glass of white or red wine on occasion, why not treat yourself by enrolling in a subscription service? You can have your favorite brands of wine delivered on a monthly basis to your house so there’s no need to find time to stop at a nearby liquor store.

Beauty Products

Every mom wants to look their best, but life and lack of time can get in the way. If you want to treat yourself, but don’t have the funds for a complete makeover, there are more affordable options. For moms struggling with skin imperfections, purchasing skincare products would help clear it up. Those who may be dealing with thinning or lost hair might benefit from a hair growing product.


For many moms, fashion goes on the back burner when it comes to raising a family. As long as it fits and is clean tends to become the motto when getting dressed. Though your budget may not allow you to overhaul your entire wardrobe at once, it doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to some clothes. Find ways to shop for fashion on a budget. This might include checking for sales, clipping coupons, shopping offseason, checking out consignment shops, and more. Buying one or two items a month can go a long way to transforming your look by the end of the year.

Though you may be forced to put off dreams of traveling until you’ve saved enough money, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do things to make you feel special. Each of the above-mentioned ideas are budget-friendly ways to put a smile on your face. After all, when mom is happy, so is everyone else.




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