Improve the look and feel of your home during lockdown with ironmongery



With more time in your hands due to the coronavirus lockdown, you can now tackle those DIY jobs you’ve been meaning to complete for months – from giving the bedroom wall a new lick of paint to upcycling old furniture. And whilst you are keeping yourself busy with these tasks, why not change up the ironmongery in your house too?

Ironmongery? Yes… All those bits of hardware on your doors, walls and windows that you use every day, such as door handles, door hinges, locks, door stops, etc. These small details can have a big impact on the overall look of your home, so it’s important to give them some thought. Ironmongery Experts, a family-run ironmongery business, also shares the same opinion which they shared in a recent blog post on how to renovate your home with ironmongery.

But which ironmongery pieces should you change? Good question. There are many pieces of hardware both outdoors and indoors that you can change, so let’s run through some of it.


Anything from house numbers to letter plates and door knockers can be changed. As this article on Rachel Bustin mentions, “one of the most important pieces of hardware you’ve got outside your home is your house number, it’s functional, yet decorative.” House numbers are this important as they are used by visitors and emergency services to identify your house. 


Door locks, door handles, door hooks, window restraints, doorknobs – all of these small pieces of hardware which might look old and rusty or clashing with your current interior décor should be changed. Interior décor tells a lot about you, your taste and personality, so have fun with it and take time choosing even the little details, as there are thousands of different hardware styles, designs and finishes to choose from!

Which pieces of ironmongery are you going to change in your home?








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