Tips and Tricks for Hunting Using Shotgun


One of the most important parts of hunting is shooting a gun. The hunter needs to be precise and accurate, as well as swift and decisive about when to aim and when to pull the trigger. When hunting an animal such as a deer, a split-second different can make or break the shot. The aim needs to be extremely accurate and the reactions need to be lighting fast in order to land the killing blow. 

Shotguns can be complex and difficult to operate, often requiring a very quick reaction time. While it is often down to personal preference, the law forbids the use of certain kind of guns in different areas. Shotguns are commonly used to hunt deer as the slugs, which can weigh upwards of one oz, are lethal for any animal shot with them. They can be accurate up to 100 meters but require a decent amount of training in order to be a good shot with them.

Practicing The Mount:

It is important to practice mounting and drawing the gun in in the field. One common technique is to mount an empty shotgun and aim at the tops of trees. This increases dexterity and allows for a greater range of movement while maintaining the accuracy. 

Perfecting The Swing:

One important part of shooting a shotgun is the ‘swing’. A swing starts with the hips but in order to save time and get a quicker shot, a swing can be initiated as one is pulling the gun up to aim. This, however, needs to be practiced to ensure a clean follow-through.


Loosening Up Is Key:

In order to be agile and flexible, one needs to loosen up. If your muscles are tight then it is much more likely that the swing will be jerkier, resulting in an inaccurate aim. Holding the gun too tightly can cause this to happen so one should grip the gun firmly but not too hard.

Being Quick On The Trigger:

Some people tend to ‘ride the target’. This means that once the gun has been drawn and mounted, the shooter follows the target and moves around. With a deer, this can be very problematic as the animal is very quick and agile, being able to run away quickly. It is important to be quick and swift when pulling the trigger.

Carrying the gun correctly:

One aspect that a lot of hunters tend to ignore is how to carry the gun. Losing track of your weapon can result in missed shots. Both hands should be on the gun with the recoil pad placed below the shoulder. This allows for a quicker draw and is also much safer as the end of the barrel is always pointed away from you. 

These are only tips and tricks that one should be aware on. It is always a different experience in the field so a person can only practice so much. It is important to train and build muscle memory in order to be fast and precise. Practice makes perfect is the rule to follow when it comes to hunting and one only gets better with time and practice. There are also other aspects such as dressing appropriately. For example, bow hunting camo and rifle hunting camo are different. A hunter can only expect to be successful with their hunt when they are appropriately prepared.








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