4 jewelry presentation techniques that facilitate purchases



A jewelry by itself has filled the eye with the brilliance and richness of the pieces, but the presentation of jewelry is fundamental to catching buyers once and for all.

Because the first impression is a fixed impression, it is always best to choose what honors jewelry, giving luxurious air, added value, even the simplest pieces.

This task is not always easy, but investing in quality is the gateway to customer profitability and circulation because, in addition to the part itself, consumers are also looking for experiences that give them pleasure and satisfaction. Therefore, it is very important to understand people’s behavior to meet these needs.

Therefore, see some tips on how to make jewelry presentations and improve business!

1. Invest in a good showcase

Storefronts will be the customer’s first contact with what the store offers, so display different style pieces, but ordered in a way that doesn’t confuse customers because of variations. You can set parameters such as color, type of metal used, or style, but what is important is that you can visualize this separation and still see that there is aesthetic harmony in the mixture that is exposed.

Also choose trendy jewelry to increase customer attractiveness and motivate visitors to enter the store to get the news. You can consider some luxury watches like Rolex Datejust or Rolex patek philippe nautilus to attract the visitors.

2. Pay attention to the layout of the parts in the store

The organization of parts in the store is the basis for “guiding” customers in their purchases. Preferably, let the same pieces of function be grouped, such as rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, for example.

In the case of a full set, it is important that they are displayed in the right case, so that the customer can see the component composition and visualize it in general. This presentation is also important so that customers can store jewelry after purchase, producing quality after-sales.

3. Don’t ignore the showcase

The screen is very important because through them the customer will have the first contact with the desired part, so the presentation is very important at this time. Invest in premium materials such as velvet and skin that are pleasing to the touch and provide sophistication and elegance to the pieces.

Give preference to opening showcases and not in roll form, because for chains, for example, when opening, the first thing customers can see is tangled jewelry, which is unpleasant and confusing. Try also to display more than one showcase, with choices in that choice, but from various colors and sizes.

4. Invest in various views

It seems strange, but even in sophisticated environments, different displays can add a special touch to the location and attract the attention of consumers. Have you ever thought about exposing earrings to small dry trees, for example? Or ring on a stone statue?

This is an interesting option to arouse public interest, but in this case, also pay attention to its security.

Do you see how it is possible to make sales with the right jewelry presentation? So practice these tips and increase sales!








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