Want to Live in Aberdeen? Here’s What You Should Know


Aberdeen is a city of Scotland located in the north-east of United-Kingdom. Due to its important location, it has become the offshore energy and oil hub of Europe. Its lush green landscapes provide a quality living to its inhabitants. It’s a modern city with lots of job opportunities. The rents in Aberdeen are high but the salaries are also higher than the rest of the country. That’s why the Aberdeen is known as one of the happiest cities of the UK.


Land of Opportunities

Aberdeen has a fiery labor market and it is prospering. The employment rate has increased between the spring of 2017 and 2018. Currently, four out of five people are employed in Aberdeen. The unemployment rate of the entire Aberdeen is decreasing day by day. The most capable sector in the labor market of Aberdeen is oil and gas. Since the discovery of Sea Oil, this magnificent city has become a leading trading hub. 

Furthermore, the economy of this city depends on trade, fisheries, textile, and ship-building. The salaries in Aberdeen are the second highest among the other cities in Scotland. There is a good demand for skilled workers in Aberdeen. Besides the oil and gas sector, hospitality and tourism sectors also have plenteous opportunities. So, start planning to reside in Aberdeen if your niche is relevant to any of these sectors.


Work Permit:

The requirements for the work permit in Aberdeen vary for different countries. These details can be accessed from the Department of Trade and Industry. A long-term work permit is also granted based on the nationality you possess and the time allowed to stay in the city. The European, Swiss, and British nationals do not generally need a work permit to work in Aberdeen.


Easy Accommodation:

The housing is expensive in the central city of Aberdeen whether you buy or rent. But the accommodation is cheaper along the county side and market villages. The transportation system of the Aberdeen is also hassle-free, so it’s easy to commute even if you live out of town. You should also know that the majority of accommodation in the inner city is based on rented flats. If you are planning to move there for work, finding accommodation is no big deal. You can also see the online list of Flats to rent in Aberdeen and find the right location for yourself.


Job Hunting:

The Aberdeen is the idyllic place to live and work due to its high employment rate which is expected to upsurge even more. You should begin your job search before moving to Aberdeen. Surf the jobs online and on professional social networks like LinkedIn. If you have relatives, friends, or contacts in Aberdeen, they can also help you get a job. If you have already moved to Aberdeen, register yourself with a recruitment firm to find the job matching your profile specifications. You can also visit the companies you like and apply in person.


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