How to Successfully Run Your Own Business



Most people spend the entirety of their lives working for someone else, who in turn works for someone else themselves, a never-ending line of bigger and bigger fish, so to say, and that little fact there is precisely the reason that running your own business and being your own employer, is such a satisfying thought!

Unfortunately, for the majority of people who just don’t know where to start, such dreams of self-employment and being your own boss so often stay as just that: dreams.

Fortunately for energetic go-getters such as yourself, you can not be stopped by small, simple things like “I don’t know how to start/run a business”, you magnificent person! Just read on to learn the first steps to becoming the next Bill Gates of small businesses.


1: Location, location, location

As everybody knows, you can’t run a business out of an abandoned warehouse. Unless, of course, you’ve started a business selling terror and screams, in which case, good for you, you entrepreneur, nobody’s branched out into that sector just yet.

Fortunately for you, many companies can provide appropriate working quarters. This is a definite must if you want to be taken at all seriously in your new line of work whether you are seeking office space in Liverpool or London.

Every good businessperson needs a place to run their business out of, otherwise, well, everything you’re working on will collapse pretty quickly.


2: Get the equipment!

Even if you’ve decided to only start small, a few basic essentials have to be covered before you can really get going. The most important one is the ubiquitous tool of the twenty-first century: the computer. I mean, sure, you couldtechnically work with your Windows 95-running tank of a technological setup, but it works in the same way you could technically beat Usain Bolt in a foot race with one of your legs broken; you can only hope he has two legs broken before he shows up. Don’t cheat yourself out of good business simply because you were too cheap or too lazy to upgrade.


3: Spread the word

Print up some business cards. Get an official-sounding email address. Set your new baby business up with a dedicated phone number, and put it on your ads. Go out, buy yourself a nice suit, and talk to people. Make friends. Use social media to your advantage, throw yourself around on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, anything you want to, really. Nobody uses a business they don’t know about. Get out there and let people know who you are!


4: Keep at it!

Countless companies got their start from pipe dreams in small places. Apple, Amazon, Disney, Google, all started in garages.

Nowadays, they are the biggest multimillionaire corporations in existence at the moment. If you keep working on your new hobby-turned-business opportunity, although there is only a small chance of becoming the next Steve Jobs, there is a much larger chance of gaining at least some level of self-sufficiency, and you can finally call yourself a true business owner in your own right.







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