How to set up the ideal premises for your business



Making sure you have an ideal premises for your business is an essential part of establishing your place in your niche market, success and overall presence.

There are many things to consider to make the plan a successful one, but we will spare you all of the jargon and get straight into our top tips on how you can get started.


The location

The location of your premises depends on what sort of business you are running, choosing your location will determine a lot in what is available for your premises. Prime locations are going to have higher costs but prime locations are not always essential nor a relevant aspect to consider.

Whether prime locations are essential depends on the type of business you are starting up. A retail business would not bode well on the outskirts of a town as it would have little chance to attract passing customers. 

A factory would need a much bigger location so it would be more ideally suited to remote locations. Land is also cheaper in a remote area. 

You should also consider how easily accessible your location is for staff and customers to get to, does it have public transport available? This can be crucial.

It’s good to think of long term scenarios like you would with any other part of your business plan. Will you be wishing to expand or change the build of your premises in future?

It may come to a stage where your premises has become too small and you need to move to a bigger location and you may need to consider hiring a complete moving service like to assist with that.


Do you have an exit strategy?

Exit strategies can be just as important as having a well thought entrance strategy when setting up the ideal premises for your business. 

While you should always be thinking of your short term goals, expanding your business means that you should have a flexible plan for the long term, between 5-10 years is realistic and it should be reviewed frequently.

A business should be able to move with the tides and that is where exit strategies come into place especially if you have utilised an effective marketing campaign which will enable effective business growth in the coming years. A company such as can help with this. 


Work out what you need for what you do

Setting up an ideal premises for your business is going to be purely subjective, depending on the industry you work in. We suggest studying the other businesses in your area to get a better idea of your niche market.

There is no such thing as too much consumer and market research in this game.








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