The Best Bras to Complement Your Summer Dresses & Tops



As the winter comes to an end, women are all set to flaunt their beautiful skin. With the advent of summer, women are getting ready to look nice and radiant so they start stocking their wardrobes with summer dresses and tops that help in showing off the skin such as off-shoulder tops, halter tops, plunging neck tops etc. Now it is time to choose the right bra so that the tops and dresses look perfect on you. When your lingerie drawer does not have the right kind of bras for your summer collection, it is high time you went bra shopping for some of the ‘fail-safe lingerie staples’ that could be easily worn under all the tricky summer tops and dresses.

Buying the right bra type is important but it is even more important to know the right size. Experts believe that numerous women go only once for bra-fitting. So 80% of the women are wearing bras that are not their size. Victoria’s Secret is one of the leading lingerie brands in the world and they have over 2,000 bra fit experts. So you simply cannot undermine or overlook the importance of going for a bra-fitting. You can also refer to this bra size calculator for help. 


Just Right for Off-Shoulder Dresses & Tops

Off-shoulder dresses and tops are here to stay so you need to stock your wardrobe with strapless bras. You could opt for a nice strapless one with underwire for maximum support. You must consider going up one notch in cup size and going down one notch in band size for ensuring that the bra does not slip off.

Strapless bras are best for accommodating skin-baring attires and they come in the regular version and as the bustier. There is some difference between a strapless style and a convertible one. Convertibles let you adjust and rearrange the detachable straps to crisscross or even wear in several other ways. Moreover, you have the option of ditching the straps all together. However, convertible bras are not like the authentic strapless bra. If you are thinking in terms of a strapless bra, go for it and if you are thinking of versatility primarily, then go for the convertibles.

As strapless bras offer support from somewhere around the band, you could consider wearing a size smaller to ensure a perfect fit. As you know, strapless bras are quite tricky to fit due to different cup construction from fill coverage to plunge. Buy the best bras for girls from an extensive selection online.


Best for Halter Tops

As per, “For those neck-embracing tops and dresses, wear a bra that matches the sexy silhouette. Sure, you can go strapless, but we tend to opt for a halter bra to add a little extra support. This particular style even has a removable elastic band for those days you throw on a racer back!”


Suitable For Backless Styles

You must have bought a beautiful dress but you soon realize that your back would be completely exposed. What could be your next move? You could opt for self-adhesive backless bras for defying gravity. These magical bras would be providing the perfect coverage you require at the front minus any strap whatsoever. ‘Stick on bra’ is just right for sheer back and backless outfits. These bras are designed with an effective and gentle adhesive all along the wings and cups for getting stuck easily onto your curves. You could even buy silicone bras that could prove to be a good substitute. However, you must remember that some of the adhesive bras could feel pretty uncomfortable when worn in the hot summer days.


Most Suitable For Deep Plunges

For deep plunge outfits, it is best to opt for an appropriate plunge bra that has been designed for demonstrating a hot cleavage and are worn mostly under outfits with deep necks or plunging necklines. These help in accentuating your assets as they are designed to take your natural body shape. This bra would not be visible when worn under any low neckline while providing a relatively fuller appearance to your cleavage and bust.


Compatible with T-Shirts

We know that cotton tees are generally, thin and could show lumps and bra lines without forgiveness. T-shirts are often made from soft and thin fabric and they could often pose challenges when it comes to wearing the right bra that would not be visible through the body-hugging t-shirt. The best idea is to opt for the seamless cups and silkier fabrics, and definitely, classic shapes to ensure subtle style.


Try Wireless, Contour and T-shirt Bras

This style is referred to by all the above three names. The chief function of this sort of a bra is to disappear under any clingy or knitted clothing so that the bumps and straps do not look prominently noticeable from underneath the fabric. The cups of such a bra would be holding their shape as they are usually made from thicker material and they also, provide maximum nipple coverage. As per personal grooming specialists, you could buy this sort of bras from a host of options and that may include strapless, plunge, and full coverage.


When You Desire to Flaunt Them

At times, you could find it exciting to flaunt some amazing sexy lingerie styles. You may choose bras in vibrant colors or irresistible patterns. You may choose lace or other delicate and soft materials. Leopard print silk bras have been very much in vogue and often girls flaunt their unique pieces.



As per personal grooming experts, you must go for a fitting session every six months since your body is continuously changing with time. Your bras are designed in such a manner that they provide maximum support. You need to maintain your bra by hand washing them in cold water with gentle detergents and avoid harsh ones or the delicate ones meant for exclusively woolen. You must take good care of your lingerie as they are ultra-delicate and may lose their elasticity or shape. It is a good idea to consider hand washing your bras and then drying them out on a flat surface. Do not overuse a bra and keep interchanging them every day. Every woman must have three bras for regular use: one for wearing, one for washing, and one for resting. Moreover, you must have a host of bras for wearing on special occasions with different outfits.








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