A Guide to What the Mother of The Bride Should Wear


Nowadays there are so many fashionable choices present that it can become really overwhelming choosing a dress for the wedding if you are the bride’s mother. It definitely is a very important day for you as well. You will be one of the important guests, and people’s eyes will be on you as well. You will want to have good memories and look back happily at any photos of this special occasion.

Below is a short guide helping you chose your dress if you are the bride’s mother.

Get Guidance from The Bride

It is important that you follow the bride’s cues when it comes to style, color, as well as the degree of formality. It is the bride and groom who usually set the wedding’s tone.

This may be some casual country wedding or a formal wedding, etc. According to this, you will choose what style, color, etc. to select. You can, for instance, get mother of the bride dresses tea length, knee-length, ankle length, with different style neck’s, and others as well.

You will definitely want to look the part. Therefore it is a good idea to ask the bride for guidelines then follow suit.

Wedding Party Color Cues

Traditionally, the mother of the bride dresses needs to complement what the wedding party’s colors are (but not necessarily match). You can, therefore, wait until the bride selects the bridesmaids’ dresses to start shopping.

If it is possible, get some fabric of the bridesmaids’ dress that you can take. It can be helpful when looking for some harmonizing hue. Nevertheless, your dress should not be like the bridesmaids’ one. You do not want to look like you are a bridesmaid.

You need to avoid a dress that is the same color as the bride’s dress. The bride is the one who has to stand out.

Get Help from The Venue

You can get ideas from the venue as well. For instance, you will probably not wish to wear some strapless dress if you are going to a church wedding, but this may look wonderful if it is a fun beach ceremony.

You also need to consider the weather, cultural or also religious customs when looking for the outfit. Try finding something that is elegant, understated, along with appropriate.

Know When to Start Shopping

You should begin looking for the dress in a timely manner so that you do not face complications. It should not be later than three months prior to the wedding. This is so that you can have time for any special orders as well as alterations.

You can go to a department or even a specialty store to find the dress. Traditional bridal salons can even be tried out. You can even look at some online stores selling these dresses.

If you are the bride’s mother, you also have some responsibilities at your daughter’s wedding. You should take time choosing a wonderful dress that makes you look amazing and like the bride’s mother. Take this as a fun activity. You may even want to consider going with your daughter and enjoying this time with her.









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