Five Practical Treats Every Mom Should Indulge In


It’s no secret that moms are real-life superheroes. They take care of the babies when they’re sick. They make sure homework is completed. They navigate the carpool lines and still manage to feed everyone three times a day. Whether you’re a mom who works in the home or outside of the home, it’s important to know that you deserve to take care of yourself as well. It’s easy to become burned out by the tasks of the day that you forget about yourself. Instead, consider these five practical treats every mom should indulge in. Some treats might take some extra planning. Other options are more spontaneous. However, it’s a good idea to indulge in these treats regularly.



Pampering is so important. This is especially true for the times when you’re constantly on your feet. Whether you’re on your feet to exercise or taking the kids to school, your feet get worn out. Take care of them by going to the local salon for a nice pedicure. While you’re at it, get a manicure as well. Yes, it’s not hard to give yourself a manicure at home. Still, it’s nice to allow someone else to do it for a change. The same concept applies to your hair. Go to the local salon to get your hair done. Get a new cut and color every season to give yourself a fresh, new look. When you’re intentional about recharging your look and body, it’ll reflect in how you feel. It’s also a wise idea to squeeze in a massage session. Some salons have monthly memberships you can enjoy. Once you make your appointment, you can get the perfect massage treatment for your body’s needs. Some moms might look at massages as luxuries that they don’t need. If it could talk, your lymphatic system might disagree. Massages are therapeutic and incredibly restorative for your body in countless ways. Don’t neglect the power of touch.


Online Shopping

Sure, you might already use online shopping when it’s time to get groceries. This is a wise gift to yourself. However, it’s also important to remember yourself. Each month, look at your finances and carve out some money to do some online shopping. This time, make sure the purchases are for yourself. Purchase that awesome lipstick in that perfect shade of red you saw on a friend. Pick out a few sassy online midi dresses gingham and heels you can wear. When you shop online, don’t forget to look at the measurements and sizing charts. That will give you a better understanding of what will work for your frame. Online shopping is an amazing option for the mommy who’s just too tired at the end of the day to go stand in lines at the mall. Instead, you can pull out the iPad. Pour yourself a glass of wine. Turn on your favorite Netflix show and browse different online boutiques at the same time. It’s a blissful way to recharge, shop for yourself and relax at the same time. Even if you’re not doing a shopping spree worth hundreds of dollars, set aside $30 to splurge as you please. Whether you’re buying beauty products, great books or fashion-forward heels, remember to take advantage of various online coupons and rebate deals.



A staycation allows you to get away without getting on a plane. In fact, you don’t have to go far. You can drive thirty minutes away for a nice staycation. Find a posh hotel that you can enjoy for the weekend. Let the kids hang out with their father or their friends for the time while you’re away. For your staycation, you can rent a room at a bed-and-breakfast inn or a five-star hotel. Once you decide where you’re going, consider all that you’d like to do. You might decide that you’d prefer to sleep in and order room service. If there’s a local museum or a live concert nearby, indulge. Take advantage of this time away from everyone. It’s your opportunity to relax without anyone calling you to do anything. If you have a girlfriend that you know could use a staycation, invite her along. When you can experience the moment with a friend, that’s always fun. If you’d like to bring your laptop with you, you can get some peace and quiet to focus on a bit of work.


Coffee Dates

If you are a mom who thrives off of coffee, know that you’re not alone. Coffee is the drink of choice for most moms. Knowing this, it’s a great idea to set up a coffee date with one of your friends or your spouse. Many coffeehouses open at the crack of dawn. If your day gets really crazy once the kids wake up, consider waking up extra early to go on a coffee date with a friend. It’s an unusual yet fun way to start the day. You can both indulge in your favorite order at your favorite coffee shop. Whether you choose to connect for thirty minutes or an hour, it’s still a great opportunity to catch up on life, encourage one another and start the day on a great foot.


Date Night

Date night is always sacred. Most couples are able to maintain a great date night rhythm before the children arrive. Once that first child comes, everything changes. However, it’s still possible to enjoy date nights. You don’t have to wait until the children are grown to do it. However, you do need to find good and reliable babysitters who don’t mind helping out. If you have it in your budget, it’s money well-spent. Find a great babysitter who is willing to watch the children one evening a week for a few hours. Even if you and your spouse go to the local park, it’s still a chance for you to indulge in one another, strengthen your relationship and connect. If you can only afford the babysitter for two weeks out of the month, find out if there are any friends or family members who are willing to help out the other two weeks out of the month. If you’re able to get a date night once a week for each week in the month, this will change your relationship in such a positive and reviving way.






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