3 Dangers of Choosing to Work with a Handyman Who’s Uninsured



We’ve all encountered them; cheap contractors who claim to be the best at the job, but who can’t provide proof of their experience or qualification. You need to be wary of these contractors. Often, they are very difficult to deal with. You’ll have everything from unexpected fees to additional charges thrown at you.

Moreover, most of these contractors aren’t insured, which puts you at real risk. The following are three ways hiring an uninsured handyman can cost you;


You Have No Recourse for Any Arising Issues

Arising issues here covers a plethora of things, from shoddy work to injuries resulting from the negligence of the contractor. Take an example of a handyman whose tools injure one of your kids. Perhaps a hammer drops from height and hits the kid so bad you have to rush to the emergency room. If the contractor has handyman liability insurance, the resulting damages would be covered by the policy. But, if they don’t, you may have to pay for the medical expenses out of pocket.

The same applies if the job is not done to your satisfaction. In situations where the contractor is insured, you would be compensated for damages resulting from the poor job. But, where there is no such insurance, you are left to meet the costs on your own.


You Have to Pay for Contractor/Subcontractor Injuries

Another reason you should avoid uninsured contractors like the plague is that if they are injured while working in your home, you’ll be liable for damages. Unbelievable, right? Someone comes to work on your compound and accidentally falls and breaks an arm. Instead of paying for their own medical bills, you’re asked to pay the costs from your homeowners’ liability insurance because the contractor doesn’t have liability insurance.

It gets worse. The contractor could subcontract a handyman you didn’t even know about to work on your project. Then, the handyman gets injured in the process of doing the work. If the handyman’s family sues, you (the homeowner) have to pay for damages.


You May be Liable for Third Party damages

Finally, hiring an uninsured handyman also leaves you at risk of being held liable for property and other damages caused by these contractors to third parties. An example would be a contractor who assaults a visiting friend or one of your neighbors. If the friend or neighbor sues, because the handyman doesn’t have liability insurance and since they were working in your home at the time of the incident, you’ll be held responsible for the damages.

Also, if they knowingly or accidentally damage the neighbor’s property such as the fence, you’re squarely responsible for the damages. If they have liability insurance, the costs would be settled by their insurance provider. But, if they don’t, the legal system puts blame on the person who hired them.


Beware, Avoid Unnecessary Costs

The three above are just examples of situations where hiring an uninsured handyman can leave you regretting the decision. To stay on the safe side, only hire insured and licensed contractors.











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