Staying Alert at All Times: 8 Effective Methods to Combat Driver Fatigue

Whether you do a lot of driving or a little, you know how critical it is that you stay alert when you are out on the road. Becoming distracted or nodding off can have lethal consequences, both for you and the pedestrians and other drivers around you. Because of that, you should have an awareness of these eight different ways of combating driver fatigue.



A nice fresh cup of coffee, an energy drink, some caffeinated tea, or a soda containing caffeine are all ways to perk yourself up if you find that your energy is flagging. If you’re a long-haul trucker or someone who drives a lot for some other reason, caffeine is your friend.


Listen to Music

Listening to energetic music is another good way to wake yourself up. Maybe it’s death metal for you, or perhaps it’s polka music. Whatever your favorite is, crank up the tunes. There are streaming satellite radio stations to which you can subscribe for a nominal fee, or you might prefer the old-fashioned CD collection.


Take a Nap

If you’re on a long drive and you feel your eyes growing heavy, there is nothing that says you can’t pull over at a truck stop or by a scenic overlook and catch thirty minutes or an hour of shuteye. You might be in a hurry to get where you’re going, but it’s more important that you get some sleep if you feel that you might drift off at the wheel.


Listen to an Audiobook 

Listening to a book that you’ve meant to read is an excellent way for you to pay attention, and you’ll find that it eats up the miles. You can also catch up on the classics of ancient or contemporary literature. You might prefer nonfiction or fiction, but whatever the genre, some audiobooks are sure to keep you up.


Play a Game 

Have you ever played one of those car games, like spotting a license plate from each state? There are lots of different mental games and exercises that you can do if you’re on a long trip. They’re probably more fun if you’ve got some passengers to play with you, but there’s nothing wrong with playing by yourself either.


Learn a New Language 

You can also get auditory language lessons that are not very expensive. You can start to learn some basic Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, or anything else that strikes your fancy. If you have a friend that speaks a language besides English, think how impressed they will be when you speak to them in their native tongue.


Visualise Success 

While it is not possible to meditate while driving, as you must keep your focus on the road, you can still do positive mental exercises while remaining alert. These might entail thinking about outcomes in your life that you want to occur, and thinking of realistic ways that you can make them happen.


Talk to a Friend

With Bluetooth capabilities, you can call a friend or a family member and talk to them hands-free while you’re driving. You can catch up with someone to whom you haven’t spoken in a while. They’ll be glad to hear from you.

If one of these techniques has failed to work for you, keep in mind that the Coye Law Firm handles car and truck accident cases, and other law offices do as well. Sometimes the unexpected occurs and no amount of foresight on your part could have prevented it. When that happens, you’ll need legal representation.   









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