Road Statistics at a Glance: What Are 5 of the Most Common Causes of Traffic Accidents?

With all of the advancements in vehicle safety and technology and a strong national emphasis on safe driving habits, traffic accidents continue to occur. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there was a 7.2 percent increase in vehicular deaths in 2015. This increase was the largest the United States had seen in over 50 years. While there are many causes of traffic accidents across the country, there are some that are more prevalent than others.


  1. Driver Distraction

While you might think drunk driving would be the number one cause of traffic accidents, it is actually driver distraction. One of the most common reasons for driver distraction is cell phones. The CDC has reported approximately 9 people are killed and over 1,000 are injured daily in crashes involving distracted driving. Cell phone usage while driving is considered particularly risky because it involves all three types of driver distraction.

  • Visual – Takes your eyes off the road.
  • Cognitive – Takes your mind off of driving.
  • Manual – Takes your hands off of the wheel.


  1. Speeding

Speed limit signs are put in place to protect drivers. Unfortunately, many people do not heed these warnings and routinely speed beyond the limits. Speed plays a factor in many accidents. The CDC reported in 2016, speed was a factor in 27% of all fatal accidents that year. Drivers who practice following the speed limit help to protect themselves and other drivers on the road. Some car insurance companies now offer reduced rates for drivers who drive safely because they know speed is often a factor in accidents.


  1. Driving Under the Influence

Getting behind the wheel in an inebriated state can be deadly. MADD releases drunk driver traffic accident data each year and for the last two years, they have reported increases in drunk driving accident fatalities. Incidents of drunk driving accidents seem to rise higher around the holidays, especially during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


  1. Poor Weather Conditions

The weather has a great impact on a driver’s ability to see and can lead to slippery road conditions that are difficult to maneuver. Rain, ice, and fog are three of the biggest culprits for weather-related traffic accidents. According to the USDOT, around 21% of all traffic accidents are caused by poor weather conditions. It is essential drivers take it slow and practice caution when driving during dangerous weather conditions, so accidents can be avoided.


  1. Failure to Follow the Rules of the Road

Traffic lights and signs are not put up as mere decorations; they are essential for keeping traffic flowing in an orderly manner. If one single driver fails to follow the rules of the road, serious accidents can result. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states more than 800 deaths occur each year as a direct result of drivers running red lights. When an accident occurs because of driver negligence, injured victims often need to seek the help of The Levin Firm so they can pursue fair compensation.

Each year, millions of people are injured in traffic accidents. The National Safety Council reports around 4.57 million traffic accident victims are injured enough to seek medical treatment each year. Avoiding distracted driving and following the rules of the road is essential for cutting the risks of being involved in a serious and life-altering traffic accident.










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