How to Use Backpack Leaf Blower to Save Time, Money and Prevent Accidents?


A backpack leaf blower is truly an amazing tool when it comes to cleaning leaves and other debris from the garden. People prefer it over handheld leaf blowers because it is easy to use, it does not cause pain in hands, and the user can use it longer than handheld blowers. A variety of brands produces this power tool and equips it with different features to make garden cleaning an easy and enjoyable job.

However, still it can be a time-consuming work to clean your garden if you are not applying the right techniques. Your tool will consume more fuel that will increase your fuel cost. Therefore, you should learn and apply the right technique to save your time, money, and prevent accidents while using a backpack leaf blower.


Take necessary safety precautions:

Though using a backpack blower might seem like an easy task, accidents can take place anytime and anywhere. You should be prepared with all the safety gears to prevent any injury and property damage. Follow the below given tips to avoid injuries and other troubles.

  • Use safety goggles while cleaning debris in the garden. A powerful backpack leaf blower can easily blow leaves and other hard stuffs around you. Even a tiny flying piece of clutter can harm your eyes. Therefore, you should always use safety goggles while using this power tool.
  • A gasoline powered backpack blower can produce too much noise while running constantly. It would feel irritating in your ears and therefore you should protect your ears with soft foam plugs or any other hearing protection device.
  • Your cloths also work to prevent your hands and legs against scuffs. So, always wear long sleeved shirts and full pant while doing landscaping chores. Protect your feet by wearing boots and thus you will be safe when using a backpack blower to clean the garden and other sites.


Do not use backpack blower to blow away wet leaves and debris:

Backpack blower is a very useful gardening tool but it works effectively only when the leaves and debris are dry. A powerful model can also blow away wet clutter from your yard but it will be a time-consuming and money wasting process. Therefore, you should choose a sunny and calmest day to use your backpack blower. Thus, you will clean your yard within the shortest possible time without wasting too much fuel and your own power.


Things you can blow by using your backpack blower:

All the leaf blowers are designed to clean fragile and lightweight garden debris, such as grass clippings, fallen leaves, lightweight and tiny twigs, dust, etc. As the name suggests, it is basically designed to clean the garden. You can also use it to for other tasks, such as cleaning spider webs, blowing off snow from your yard and car, cleaning lint buildup in the exhaust, and removing dust from narrow corners of your home. There are many technicians who use this tool to clean dust accumulated inside PCs and other machines.


Cleaning a garden:

Removing leaves, tiny twigs, and other garden debris would be pretty simple if you apply the right technique. You should start from the edges of your garden and move towards the center. It would be a right way because thus your neighbors will not worry that you are blowing your garden’s clutter in their yards. Use your backpack blower to blow all the clutter beneath bushes, shrubs, and trees. Prepare two or three piles of debris to clean effectively.

Some users might find it time-consuming and exhausting to pick and remove collected clutter from the garden. This process can be a bit simpler if you spread and secure an old sheet at the center of your garden to collect blown debris. Thus, you can easily pick and remove all the debris in the garbage cans. Or, you can use a powerful vacuum cleaner to collect and remove all the clutter from your garden. The first method is great for saving money and collecting garden clutter quickly.


Cleaning hard surface with a backpack blower:

Cleaning grass and leaves on a lawn much easier than cleaning it from hard-surface areas such as walkways and driveways. Leaves, grass, and other sorts of clutter move pretty fast and freely on hard surface areas. You cannot use the same power settings as you use on a lawn. Therefore, it is always advised to buy a backpack blower with power adjustment settings. Bring down the air flow rate to the lowest level and then use it to clear leaves and grass clippings from hard surfaces. It will work quite effectively to move the clutter towards the targeted region and you can prevent unnecessary mess around your property. You may also blow away debris in your neighbor’s lawn if the air flow rate is too high, so beware of it.


The worst time to use a backpack blower:

Various power tools are designed and produced to make landscaping and gardening jobs easier. Many people rely on these tools and use them effectively, but what about the old landscaping tools? Should you throw them away or completely stop using them? Obviously not! Those old tools are still useful for you. You should use your backpack blower only when your yard is not cleaned for a long time. Once in a week would be perfect when you are free at home on a sunny Sunday.

Trust your physical power and that old-fashioned broom if you want to clean your lawn and walkways daily. Thus, you will save some fuel, enjoy garden cleaning work, and eventually you will save extra bucks.

The worst time for using a backpack leaf blower would be wet and rainy days. This tool is not a reliable option when your lawn is filled with wet leaves and twigs. Do not use it when it is raining. Your broom can work much better than a leaf blower. So, follow the given suggestions to use your backpack blower effectively. Avoid some minor mistakes and take necessary safety precautions to make garden cleaning an enjoyable job.








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