Why Anchor Point & Fall Arrest System Testing Cannot Be Overlooked


Historically the use of anchor points or fall arrest systems within Australia was poorly monitoredand subject to very loose regulations. However, all that changed post 2013, with the introduction of AS/NZS 5532:2013. 

This was a regulation released in order to ensure further safety for people whose occupation involved harness-based work at heights, using a single-point anchor device. This highlighted and emphasised anchor points, their purpose and importance within the industry. Off Your Wall are licensed, certified installers and testers of a wide range of anchor points. We work in strict accordance with these regulations and are proud to have a team of trained and highly skilled professionals who provide trusted and safe anchor installation and testing services.


Why are anchor points important?

Safety is of paramount importance and anchor points form part of a fall protection system used by workers who operate at heights. These anchor points are specifically and strategically located restraint points and are designed and tested to prevent injury or death by way of falls.

There are several different types of anchor points and before having any installed it’s important to understand their specific function.


Abseiling Anchor

This type of anchor is used predominantly by tradesmen and as the name suggests is designed to facilitate a controlled descent, to abseil or rappel down from heights as well as take the worker’s load at all times.


A fall Arrest

A fall arrest system could be installed in the form of a catch platform, lifelines or a rope grab. This type of anchor is designed to safely stop a person who is already falling.


Is certification Important?

Absolutely. It is imperative that building owners certify anchors every 12 months. Re-certification ensures that the anchors are always fit for use. There are serious liability considerationsifwe use uncertifiedanchors and an accident should happen, both the company and customer, will be held liable.

Off Your Wall have qualified technicians who ensure that your anchors are safe and are compliant with Australian standards. Our teams are licensed to re-certify anchorsand installation includes the certification process which we do not charge for as it is included in the quotation. The certification process starts with a stringent checklist ensuring all aspects are covered during the inspection and are safe to use.

During a site visit, our staff check and tag each individual inspected anchor with a sticker confirming it has been inspected and rated. If there is an anchor that is no longer fit for use, we decommission or remove it.

For example, ff the anchor has been screwed into a purlin, we check all the fixings to ensure correct placement, as well as to ensure there’s no rust or corrosion around key areas.If we are working on an anchor that’s been set into the concrete, we blow tip it with a cold machine and load it up to a predetermined rating to ensure it can handle the weight. With fall arrest lines and static lines, we make sure that all the tensioners are secure, and all the split-pins are facing the right direction, and that there are no frays on the actual steel cabling itself.

Once completed, we compile a report containing details on how many anchors are tested and the results. We will then pass this certification onto the building manager or the body corporate.


What do anchor systems cost?

We want to provide you with a fair and competitive quote, so we will take into account factors such as roof structure and the time it may take to install the system in order to determine accurate installation and testing costs. As an indication our hourly rate is usually $85, however we understand our clients’ needs are unique and specific to their property maintenance requirements, so we do not have a set fixed rates.







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