6 Ways to Create a Healthy Home


Your home is your safe zone, your hub, your place to be free and who you are. And the last thing you want is for your home to be unsafe and unhealthy. However, having a healthy home is more than just cleaning it every now and then. There are a lot more touchpoints and tips that go in to give you the healthiest home possible. No matter the size of your house or where you’re located, explore these six ways to create a healthy home.


Clean it

It may seem obvious, but the best way for you to keep a healthy home is to ensure it’s clean. This doesn’t mean just tidying up every now and then, but doing a deep clean throughout the entire home on a regular basis. Wipe down baseboards, remove dust from fans and light covers, and clean areas that you usually overlook. This type of deep cleaning can remove bacteria and other harmful particles from having a negative impact on your overall health.


Mend water issues

Water issues in a home can lead to things like mold, and mold is not healthy for your home. From leaky pipes and faucets to poor sewage systems, bad water issues will do nothing but cause problems. According to https://www.fixitrightplumbing.com.au/plumber-chirnside-park/, “Water issues can range from problems you can see and those you can’t, and it’s the ones you can’t that tend to do the most damage. Allowing an expert technician to come expect water lines and pipes on a regular basis will ensure there are no underlying issues that could cause damage to your home or health.” Having your water issues tended as soon as possible can create a healthier home for you and your family.

In addition to fixing water issues, saving water can also create a healthier home. Try to reduce the length of your showers, consider buying rain barrels to use on gardens or washing cars, and eliminate the times you flush the toilet.


Get your vents cleaned

While you may do a great job at cleaning your home, there are places you likely forget about or simply can’t reach. Your home’s vent see a lot of action. Crumbs, dust, pet dander, and plenty of other things can make their way down the vents, and when air is pushed through, it moves those particles to other areas of your home. Instead of putting your health at risk, have your vents cleaned on an annual basis. There are plenty of companies out there who are willing to do this service for you, so reach out to those in your area to find the one that’s reliable and affordable.


Consider an air purifier

The air in your home handles a lot more harmful bacteria and particles than you may even see, which is why an air purifier is a great addition. These systems can handle the load of your entire house or just one singular room. No matter what you decide to do, an air purifier can help ensure your home receives cleaner air that’s better for you to breathe. In fact, some homeowners who use an air purifier have seen reductions in asthma and allergy related issues.


Use the right products

There are far too many home products that include harmful chemicals that could generate illness or disease. If you really want a healthier home, it’s very important for you to choose products that don’t include harmful chemicals. For instance, environmentally friendly cleaning products can deliver a healthier home, while using natural products like vinegar is safe too. Plus, if you’re doing work around your house, opting for a low VOC paint is smarter for the overall health of your home compared to traditional options.


Reduce energy usage

The amount of energy you use throughout your home can also have a negative impact on your health, so try and reduce your energy usage when possible. Not only should you let in natural light, which has been known to boost endorphins, but you should also remove energy-sucking light bulbs and replace them with LEDs. These use less energy, and all this can create a healthier home for you and your family.

Your home’s health will have an impact on your overall health. If there are underlying issues in between the four walls of your home, then it’s possible you may end up with an illness or disease that could have otherwise been prevented. By using all these tips, you’ll have an easier time creating a healthier home.







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