Taking care of them, and taking care of you


Raising a family, of whatever size, usually means putting your life on pause. Suddenly your children become your number one priority and your own needs can get put off and pushed aside. Your personal goals may become a distant dream as you dedicate all your resources to your family, but this isn’t the only way to do things. In fact, looking after yourself and pursuing your own happiness too could make you an even better parent.


The right timing

Of course it’s great to be a focused and attentive parenent, but who says you can’t do both and focus on you, too? For some parents, they want (or need) to get back to their jobs as soon as possible, even turning down their full parental leave allowances – while others commit to becoming a full-time parent (yes, it definitely earns the title of “full-time” it really never stops!). There is no correct, or superior way to go about this.

There is no right time in your journey as a parent to start putting yourself first again. Maybe it’s when your maternity leave is up, maybe it’s when you’ve got your youngest past the terrible twos, maybe it’s once primary education is all done and dusted. You’re the one running this show, you can choose any time to put yourself forward as the main act! So what are you aiming for?


Pushing Play

Did you sacrifice your education when you decided to start a family? Was it an easy choice, or does the thought of your could-have-been career sometimes still burn away at the back of your mind? It’s really never too late to return to education, and with tools like The Open University at your hands, you have hundreds of courses available that you can complete from home and simultaneously still be there for your family.

Maybe it was some other goal that you put on hold. Were you starting a business? Writing a book? Did you want to see the world? Set some time aside for yourself and get back to doing these things! Finding success can equal happiness, which can flow down into your family relationships. So find your work life balance.


Some inspiration?

Perhaps you didn’t push anything aside to create your family, but with the little ones growing up, you’re finding more time for yourself, and now you really want to set yourself to something. If you’re a stay at home parent looking to get into the world of work, check out some of these job ideas to ease yourself back.

Alternatively you might be looking for some more ambitious goals. Getting yourself a degree can be a great way to open up loads of job opportunities, even those you’d never considered such as podiatry jobs and careers (if you’re a mum, you’re a natural career, just switch those cute baby feet for everyone else’s!). You will also get to experience what university can be like, which may help supporting your kids later if they go down that route.

It’s all about finding your own balance and exploring your own interests. Factor yourself back into the equation and find the satisfaction and happiness you deserve.






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