How to make dresses and crafts unique with special looking badges


The creativity that goes behind in the formation of different kinds of craft is viewable when the entire object is completed. The more time is given to make a particular craft the more beautiful is the appearance of the final product. When mothers create crafts for keeping the children engaged, then it becomes an activity both for the kids and the mothers. Most mothers do sew and knitting dress for the little ones along with the creation of a wide range of craft products. In order to enhance the process of craft making few objects can be acquired for adding the much-required gloss to a fabulous craft.


The different choices of craft making

If one wishes to build some craft work then obviously materials have to be purchased for that purpose and for purchasing material it is important to select the type of craft which one will make. Knowing the kind of craft will help in making the correct choices while selecting objects from a craft store.

The most well-liked kinds of crafts include the following:

  • Paper creations: In case of objects made with paper one has first to determine the different kinds of paper needed for making the artefact. There are some papers like marble papers which are specifically used for adding colour while there are other kinds of papers that are far more stable and can be twisted or folded to form a shape. If a model is to be created out of paper, then the thick quality paper should be used for that purpose so that the built model can hold the shape. Adhesives or glue tapes can be sued for sticking the model firmly on a flat surface. There are different colours and designs and textures present when it comes to craft papers, and one can choose as many as required for making the specific craft.


  • Lightweight models with polystyrene:  Polystyrene is light in weight and is available in sheets or blocks which can be easily cut for making the desired shape. The model or object build from polystyrene will have a suitable thickness and will appear to have a good girth but won’t be heavyweight because of the aerated thermoplastic granules present in it.


  • Moulded shapes using clay: Clay is heavier, and when baked it becomes slightly lighter. Clay is very commonly used for making models and is also suitable for designing jewellery. One can use clay for making a huge number of models, 3D landscapes and also ornaments.


The use of buttons for making the created craft unique and distinct

Buttons or badges are often used for adding more details to a craft. In case of fabric, designing buttons might be an important part if the designed fabric is to be used as a form of dress. Even if the fabric is not used as a garment then also buttons can be attached for improving the overall look of the craft.

There are a number of different sized and shaped buttons which are found in the craft stores, some of these are discussed below:

  • Round buttons: The round shape is the most common shape of buttons which have been used for decoration purposes. But these round buttons vary in dimension, and some are quite large while others are relatively smaller in size. These buttons can have a shiny appearance or might be covered with colourful fabric. The buttons are made in such a way so that it can be sewed or pasted on the surface. Buttons which hare to be sewed are mostly used for clothes, but the stick-on buttons are gaining more popularity as these can be easily attached to the surface.


  • Jewelled buttons: These are very popular for making dazzling creations. The jewelled buttons have a 3D finish and are often made in such a fashion so as to imitate gemstones. These are available in a stick on the pack, so the buttons cane directly taken out and pasted on the surface. These reflect light and available in plenty of transparent shades which can make any craft work appear wonderful.


  • Animal shaped buttons: These are highly liked by kids and include shapes of ducks, giraffes, elephants etc. These are made in such a way so that it can be directly pasted on a surface. These are unique for making specially crafted landscapes.


  • Buttons having personalised messages: Buttons or broach shaped buttons with beautiful messages are often carved from wood which is easily available in stores. Hence in order to personalise a gift or craft this message bearing buttons can be used. Usually, there is an assortment of such buttons present in a pack.

Hence, different kinds of buttons have different artistic touches, and appropriate buttons can be used for highlighting the overall beauty of a particular artefact.



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