Is Pest Control Safe for Babies?


Here at Pest-Ex, we get this question a lot. What options are safe for my children? Is it safe to treat my home when I have small infants and babies? Well, the answer is that, yes, there are a lot of different options that you can use that are safe for children, and they’re safe to use for you and your family.

One concept to keep in mind is that a lot of pest issues start from outside of the home with pests getting in. The first step that you can do without really having to use a whole lot of sprays or repellents is exclusion, and that basically means sealing entry points around your home. You can do that yourself or you could hire a handyman. The thing about that is it’s a very tedious, time-consuming task, and again, if you miss a lot of different entry points, you can almost nullify the results. It’s great to hire a pest control company for advice and guidance before you call in a handyman.

Once that’s been taken care of, pest controllers will use products that can create a barrier around the home where it can keep the majority of pests out. This is generally applied as a very thin film (sprayed against dry surfaces) Then of course any pests that do cross that threshold will end up dying very quickly – so they can’t really take hold inside your home. Of course, to ensure the well being of your kids, you’ll want to let the product dry before allowing anyone near those areas of the home.

Pest productsthat we use outside of the home are going to be more potent than what we typically use inside the home, so again, you don’t want to let your kids be playing in the grass or again, right around the foundation of your home when those products are being applied. But after a few hours, once the products isdry, it should be relatively safe for your children to play around there. Again, if you have more specific concerns around that or you just want to keep your kids extra safe, just avoid them playing directly in the areas that were treated.

Then, the next step that you can do is using more natural or organic types of pest control products. A lot of pest control services have options of more organic means, where they’re a lot more safe, they’re a lot less toxic, and they do just as well. It’s a great option to use if you have small children.

Again, let these products dry after they’ve been applied. A lot of them are biodegradable as well, so once they’re been sprayed on, don’t immediately let your kids play in those particular areas.

However organic, or natural pest control options are a great (and safer) alternative that’s safer for kids.

Another option is more focused placement of where certain treatments are being placed within the home.Instead of chemicals being sprayed, another option might be to use bait traps. The cool thing about this is you can place them in areas where children can’t get to. Again, obviously, on the top of your fridge, in the ceiling, whatever the case might be, underneath the stove, behind different areas, wherever the case might be where you’re experiencing pest issues.

Hopefully, you’ve got some benefit and value out of this. Just understand there are different methods that you can use for the pest control that’s safe for your kids. For more information about the types of products we use, be sure to head over to Pest-Ex and we will assist you.








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