Tips on how to find a veteran


Thanks to the latest technology advancements, it is now much easier to search for people that you lost contact with at some point in your life. In case you are one of those who need to find an old war friend or someone that you served with, then we have some tips on how do to that without too much effort.


How to find a veteran using his name

As long as you have the name of the veteran that you are looking for, you should already be able to run a Google search. Knowing more details about this person would definitely help as well. Some information that could be quite useful is the unit in which the person served and the location. Furthermore, if you remember their service number or birthdate, or even the dates when they served, then you might find something helpful when you carry out a Google search.

The best option would be to just perform a people search using an online service that is able to locate people or check their background. This kind of services (such as CheckThem) have the means to go through millions of federal, state and county public records only in a matter of seconds and using the first and last name of the person needed to be found. Like this, you could easily find a veteran, along with his details about whether he served in a division of the military or the coast guard.

There are also some organizations that can help you find a veteran using only his name, such as the VFW or the American Legion. You also need to know that the Department of Veterans Affairs can only forward messages to a veteran or an active service member, however, they will not be able to disclose any personal information.


How to find a veteran on Social Media

There is a big chance that you will find a younger veteran on social media platforms, so it’s not a bad idea to give it a try on either Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Also, there are many veteran organizations that have Facebook pages, so you might find them helpful.


How to find a Marine

Certain divisions of the military have special services that you could find useful. For example, if you want to contact the U.S. Marine Corps Community Services, you can reach them at (703) 784-3941 from Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force do not really offer immediate assistance if someone needs to find a veteran. You can mostly use their services if you need to locate a member that is on active duty.






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