New Season, New You! How to Improve Various Aspects of Your Life


As human beings, we’re always trying to better ourselves. A new year, season, month, or week for some of us, symbolizes a fresh start. It’s an opportunity to try something new, take different actions, move on from your past, and be a better you. I don’t know about you but I am always looking for opportunities to be a better parent and just an all-around improved person. This summer, I decided to change a few aspects of my life. They have greatly benefited me and my family and may do the same for you.


A New Wardrobe

As a mother, we’re always sacrificing for our children. This includes clothing. We’ll wear the same rundown pair of shoes or pants, just so our kids can look amazing. Well, this season, I had a bit of money saved up and decided to do something for myself for a change. I got a new wardrobe! I found trendy plus size clothing online at Perfectly Priscilla, purchased new jewelry at Target, and found a pair of brand new shoes at Nordstrom. You don’t realize how much a new outfit can make you feel good until you step out each day looking your best. Your attitude changes and everyone notices – I know my husband sure did.


A New Kitchen

Here’s a change that benefits the entire family – a new kitchen. It dawned on me the other day that I had stopped preparing full-course meals for the family. I guess you could say, the kitchen was just a bit dated, inconvenient, and uninspiring. So, I found a San Diego remodeling company called Remodel Works to give me kitchen remodeling ideas. Home renovations really can improve your life. They make your space feel more inviting and provide improved functionality and convenience in the home. Now, I love to be in my kitchen so much, I jump at every chance to prepare a meal.


A Better Social Life

Here’s another thing that most women sacrifice when they have children, a social life. I can’t remember the last time I went out with friends, attended an event on my own, or even had a date night with my significant other. I knew it had to change. So, I talked to my parents who agreed and volunteered to watch the kids weekly so I could rebuild my social life. I started checking for events on social media, linking up with friends from college, and made sure that my spouse and I had weekly date nights. Not only did this make me feel great, but my mood rubbed off on my family. Because I gave myself permission to step away from my duties as a mother and just have fun, I was happier when I was with my children and they appreciated it.


A New Business

For a while now, I’ve been contemplating on whether I should stay at my job or jump out on chance and start my own business. After some consideration and saving, I decided I was ready to chase my dreams and become an entrepreneur. Starting a new business is a great way to improve a lot of areas of your life. The extra money can help improve your finances while doing something you love can improve your mood. I now successfully sell crafts from home and believe it or not, the money is pretty good.

Every once in a while making a few changes in your life can do you some good. As the woman of the house, you take on and sacrifice a lot. It’s only fair that you take a moment to do things that make you feel better about who you are. Believe it or not, the more you focus on yourself and your happiness, the more it benefits your family.





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