Hiring a Hog Roast Machine for Your Wedding


Doing the catering for your own wedding is a great way to stay in control and keep the costs down. Of course, this option is not for every bride and groom. But it is definitely worth considering. If you keep things simple, providing all of the food for your guests need not consume a huge amount of your time.

A relatively quick and easy way to cook a lot of food is to hire a hog roast machine. Here is a quick explanation of why it makes sense with a few suggestions of how you might want to organise this type of catering.


Why a hog roast?

People love hog roasts. The sight of a whole hog turning on a spit is certainly an impressive one. It is a really easy way to create a special ambience and add a touch of theatre to your wedding reception.

Importantly, spit-roasted meats taste fantastic. The fact that the meat is constantly being basted by its own juices as it turns means it is always succulent. Plus, this style of cooking guarantees lovely crispy skin and crackling if you cook spit roast pork in the right way.


Feed a lot of people easily

The fact that a medium hog can easily feed 80 guests makes it easy to cook enough meat. All you then need to do is to provide plenty of side dishes to be extra sure everyone goes home full of lovely food.

You could buy these from a local catering firm or supermarket. Or, you can make batches of finger food, gradually, over the weeks before your wedding. Once cooked, they can be cooled then frozen. If you plan to use this option, you could, perhaps, rope friends and family in to help you with the cooking. Or, maybe lend you some space in their freezers.


Plenty of choice

The fact that you can cook virtually any meat in a spit roaster means that you do not necessarily have to serve pork. Turkeys, chickens, lamb or beef joints all come out of a hog roaster tasting wonderful. When you provide the right potato and vegetable dishes you can easily create any style of meal. You just need to cook the right gravies or sauces to finish the meal off.


Let the hire firm take the strain

A good hog roast machine hire firm will do everything they can to look after you. They will source the meat for you and load it into the machine.

It is usually best to put a friend or family member in charge of switching the machine on at the right time and periodically checking everything is OK. They could also be asked to carve and serve the meat. The right machine hire firm will take the time to explain everything in detail to that person. They will also be on hand to advise on the day, should that be necessary.

Plus, normally, you will not have to worry about cleaning the machine or getting rid of the carcass. The best hog roast hire firms do all of that for you.

As you can see, hiring a hog roaster and doing some, or all, of the cooking yourself is a viable way to do your wedding catering. It is simple, relatively cheap and not as time-consuming as other options may be.







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