Affordable Gadgets: 5 Methods of Cutting down Your Hearing Aid Costs


If you have hearing problems, but because of the high hearing aids costs you’re avoiding the purchase, then you need to know you are not alone.. However, there are steps you could take to bring down the costs. Here are a few ways you could save money on hearing aids.


Begin by Doing Research

Since hearing aids are quite an investment, it’s imperative to do your homework before you can finally decide to buy. You can begin by looking for the right doctors on the website of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. You can also research various vendors and hearing aid equipment so you can find one that fits your financial needs.

Discard the items you do not need such as Bluetooth capability as these could end up costing you more. While finalizing your purchase, check to find if there are other hidden costs and determine if the vendors offer a money-back guarantee for the equipment.


Search for a Discount Plan

You can find out how affordable hearing aids really are before deciding to join a discount plan. There are non-insurance discount plans which are ideal for seniors looking to save money on their hearing aids. Other discount plans include saving on free exams and supplemental services such as vision and dental care.


Always Negotiate

Talking to your audiologist may prove helpful; so make sure you book an appointment to consult with your doctor. Inquire if there are ways you can reduce, unbundle, or separate any costs that may relate to the hearing aids. According to Consumer Reports, while only 16 percent of the hearing aid users tried negotiating a lower price, approximately 50 percent were successful. Therefore, there’s a high chance you may succeed in getting a lower price when you negotiate.


Buy Only What You Need

When consulting with your audiologist, make sure you discuss what your greatest challenges are – is it the phone conversations or the background noise in a restaurant? Try on different equipment to determine the types of models that feel comfortable. After that, get the hearing aid prices, find out their warranties, and determine whether they have a money-back guarantee option. As mentioned, skip all other extras which do not add value to your hearing as these will only increase the prices of your hearing aids. Remember, you only need to buy hearing aids that have the features you need. For instance, if your problem is mild or moderate, you may benefit from the personal sound amplification products which you can get over the counter.


Check Out the Helpful Groups

There are some state, government, or independent organizations that could help you pay for your hearing aids or offer discounts which will go a long way in reducing the cost of your hearing aid. You can following the following link by the Better Hearing Institute for a list of potential groups.

If you require a hearing aid but cannot afford to buy one, you can follow the guidelines given above. The tips given will help you make the right choice and save money on the hearing aids.






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