Understanding the Modern Razors


A neat and clean appearance can make or break it when it comes to a man’s overall personality. However, most men think that it takes too much effort to achieve such a look.

But guess what? It doesn’t. All you need to do is choose the right type of razor for your needs and learn how to use it the right way.

So with that said, let’s take a look at what the different types of modern razors bring to the table below.


The Straight Razor

Until the more modern razors hit the market in the 20th century, the straight razor was the go-to shaving tool for most men. It’s kind of divided into two parts, the blade and the handle for storing the blade.

Both these parts are connected using something known as a pivot pin, which keeps the both in place, and allows the blade to be safely stored in the handle.

While the blade of the straight razor is sharp and can provide an impressively clean shave with just a few strokes, it requires quite a bit of skill to use effectively and safely. The blade of the straight razor also needs to be sharpened from time to time, which is known as honing in technical terms.


The Shavette

Almost identical to the straight razor but with a few major differences that include:

  • The blade being disposable
  • Requiring considerably less skill to use properly
  • The disposal blade being significantly less durable than the one the straight razor comes with


The Single Edge Safety Razor

First marketed in 1880, it’s another commonly used razor. It has a head that’s attached to its handle, and the head holds the blade when shaving.

It has a protective bar on one of its side, and allows the user to shave using the other side. It’s fairly sharp as well yet safer to use than many other types of razors.


The Double Edge Safety Razor

First introduced by King Gillette in 1903, it has the protective bar on both sides but still allows the user to shave using any of its two sides.

It’s also one of the best options for users that are after a more aggressive shave.


The Disposable Safety Razor

Launched in the year 1960, this razor needs to be disposed off after a certain amount of use. Another limitation of this razor is that its head is attached to its handle, making it less convenient to be used.


The Cartridge Razor

Sporting an improved design and a disposable blade that can be replaced, the cartridge razor is more convenient to use than safety razors. However, the ease of use doesn’t come with a compromise on the quality of shave, thanks to the cartridge’s head being put at an angle that allows it to provide a very close shave.


The Foil Electric Razor

It runs on batteries or electricity and is hence easier and more convenient to use, but it doesn’t offer a very close shave on the facial curves as its oscillating blade can only move back and forth.


The Rotary Electric Razor

It’s a more advanced version of the razor above, with its blade rotating on its head, which means it can offer a close shave on the facial curves as well. It’s considerably more expensive than its “foil” counterpart though.








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