Smart Ideas for Saving Money While Helping the Environment


Do you want to go green but are afraid of how much this lifestyle will cost? Good news: You don’t have to spend significant money to do your part to protect the environment. Start by making small changes that add up to significant energy savings. Many eco-friendly ideas can help you save cash, too. For example, avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your kitchen and bath. Make natural cleansers out of ingredients such as olive oil and vinegar. They’re better for the environment and can save you money on your household expenses. 

Heating and cooling your home takes energy and money, too. A smart thermostat can help you conserve electricity. Advanced features such as remote connectivity through your smartphone allow you to set the temperature from anywhere. Remember to keep your home cooler during the winter and warmer during the summer when you’re away from home. Vacation mode allows you to easily maintain temperatures while you’re away.

Trim your electric bill more with LED light bulbs and energy-efficient appliances. LEDs last 25 percent longer than incandescent bulbs, and you can recycle them. Recycling LEDs means less waste added to landfills. Additionally, you can opt for solar lights in your driveway and backyard to take advantage of the sun’s energy. Older appliances can waste energy, too. Upgrade to Energy Star models that run efficiently, save electricity, and lower your utility bill. An Energy Star–rated refrigerator can save up to $270 over five years in energy costs. Delve into the infographic below to learn more ways to conserve energy and help the environment.














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