5 Paintball Gun Tips for a First Time Paintballer


Becoming a paintballer necessitates a lot of work until you can enjoy the fun. The most important thing is to purchase quality gear to boost your performance. You will need a paintball mask, gloves and paintball gun to help you ace your game. The clothes you wear must be comfortable and the equipment should protect you from paintball hits.

If you have never held a paintball gun and you have just rented one for your first game, you will need to learn a few tricks to become efficient. If you want to have your own equipment, first, you should read additional information about what paintball gun to choose and what features to look for to switch from a beginner to a pro. But, for the moment, we propose a list of tips that will help to improve your game.


Upgrade Your Tank from CO2 to HPA

Making your marker more accurate is easy if you upgrade your tank to HPA. The HPA has thermodynamic properties which make it more consistent. Furthermore, it represents a reliable pressure source. Before you purchase this type of tank, you must verify whether your marker operates with high pressure air.


A Clean Marker

You should maintain your marker very clean to improve your performance at this game. A dirty marker will lead you to inaccuracy. That is why many paintballers are unable to become pros when they do not know how to clean a paintball gun. Before complaining about inaccuracy, you should first inspect and clean the body, barrel, bolt and hammer, detents, eyes and the raceway inside your motor.


Lube the Marker

To improve your accuracy on the field, you have to lube up certain parts of the marker for performance and maintenance. However, you should not exaggerate on lubing up some components because it may spread in unnecessary places. If lube ends up in the barrel, then it will affect your efficiency. In case the lube coats the barrel, the accuracy will decrease. You will learn how much lube to use by trial and error.


Inspect the Paint

Before you use the pain, you should first inspect it. Even if it takes some time, it is worth it. Small imperfections that appear on a paintball round can have a great impact on how it will fly through air. If the paint has divots, flat spots or dimples, the ball can have a different trajectory and velocity compared to paintballs that are perfectly round. If a paintball breaks inside the marker, this type of flaw can ruin your day. You should not rely on the paintball manufacturer to find out about every imperfection. Make sure you inspect the paintballs for flat spots, divots or dimples. Before every paintball game, verify your paint. It will take only a few minutes to do it and you will be able to prevent an unfortunate event.


Inspect the Regulator and the Hopper

Your shot patterns will not be accurate if you do not clean and inspect your regulator. If you upgrade your paintball gun from CO2 to HPA, this will be a massive improvement. Almost all regulators used nowadays have an excellent design and good quality control. Therefore, you should learn how to test your regulator since it can be without flaws. In case the operator doesn’t work properly, you should replace it or repair it. You need a regulator that offers a consistent operating pressure. It is very important to keep a clean hopper as well. Specialists indicate that all that starts in the hopper ends up in the barrel. If your hopper contains shell, broken paint, oil or dirt, everything will reach the marker. Hence, this will lead to an inaccurate shot.

It does not matter whether you choose to play speedball or woodsball. If you do not have an accurate gun with an accurate maker, it will be difficult for you to become the best player. Improving accuracy means a lot of work. Therefore, be patient. Verify every component of the paintball gun and you will be able to improve your gameplay and turn from a beginner into a professional.






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