Picture This: Why the Photobooth Has Stayed An Event Staple


The guest list is final, the catering is planned and your stylist is about to add the last bit of magic to your event. But the event is not quite complete. Not without your foolproof party starter. A photo booth is the event staple, and your party-goers are going to be searching for that bright booth of fun and wacky props the second they walk through the doors. Give your guests a night that they won’t soon forget and immortalize the love and occasion of the event.



Of all the clutter that we collect and discard, those photobooth prints always stay fixed to the fridge, stuck to your workstation or kept safe in your wallet. It’s the precious mementos that can only be captured by a photobooth. A photobooth also means you can forfeit the gift bag or party favour, as your guests are going to care more about something with their smiling faces on it, as opposed to branded merchandise or a bonbonerie that will inevitably be left at the venue.


Hassle-Free Activity

It takes a village to pull together an event, but once they are all in the room… then what? Live music or a slamming DJ will keep your guest list entertained for a while, but a photobooth will have them captivated all night long. For a host, having a novelty feature that is self-sufficient without the need for manning is a dream come true. And the fact that your guests are lining up to be part of the action? Even better! It creates a nice rhythm and flow to your event, with guests grazing, drinking, socialising and snapping. A hosts worst nightmare is to have guests looking at their watches and inching closer to the door, so keep them bouncing around the room with an activity that never gets old.


Inclusive for All

Weddings, 21st, and every other life milestone brings a whole collection of people together to celebrate. Nothing gets people of all ages and personalities excited quite like a photobooth. It’s a timeless twist that the selfie can never compete with, to be enjoyed by kids, oldies, drinkers and designated drivers.

With a range of props and backdrops it becomes even more inclusive, and the endless people pairing means you walk away with pictures with the girls, grandma and grandad, as well a couple shot of you and your man. Don’t fear that the photobooth will only be a hit with the youngsters, because photobooths have been around for a long while and transcend generations.


Talk-ability & Sharable

Each event has a different objective, but I think we can safely say that having an event with talkability and shareability is a winner. The beauty of photobooths is that they create media in which people want to share on their social channels. The photos become a marketing tool for your professional event, or a point of interest (and serious FOMO for those absent) for your personal social event. You can leverage this further with adding a hashtag to commemorate the event, or using a template and including your business name so your party-goers won’t soon forget who put on such a party.


A photobooth is the ultimate event staple. Immortalize your event into a stunning glossy photo, to look back on with love and laughter. Whether you are launching a business, toasting a milestone, or simple throwing a Christmas soiree – don’t leave a photo booth off the list. For extra effect and suspense, don’t tell your guests that there is a photo booth at the event, and surprise and delight them when they arrive through the doors by greeting and snapping them.


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