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Having a big family meant that we had to make enough room for us and for the kids, so we could take care of every aspect of our family and ourselves. When it comes to organizing our kids’ birthday parties there was no exception. Especially when dealing with the stress that comes from putting everything together, and how overwhelming things could get, throwing a party for kids at your own home is no easy feat.

First take a deep breath and relax, even though it might seem like way too much to handle. We are going to add our two cents to the subject by giving you some advice that can help you organize and save money, while putting together an amazing party that will make your kids and their friends really happy.


Figures Shall be Known

This includes both budget and number of attendees. According to a couple of experts, if your kid is in preschool, you should contemplate having up to 10 guests.

When it comes to school-aged children you should consider up to 12 guests, as children at this age group tend to invite all the girls and boys of the class.

However, if for example your child has his or her birthday closely paired up with a friend of them, you might want to sit down with the friend’s parents and jam both celebrations together in a dual party on split cost. If you decide to do that route, just remember to double up the number of guests.


Choose the Right Time

According to expert Danielle Walker, author of Against All Grain, it is recommended that celebrations should be held between 2pm and 5pm, as after lunch and before dinner is the time considered to be the best for partying. At this time guests have not had the pleasure of a full meal yet.

Also make sure that you have enough time to start supply-hunting early. This will save you tremendous time that can be used to prepare for extra supplies, in case something runs out. Managing your time like this is also going to save you money, as you won’t have to run around like a crazy hen at the last minute to buy overpriced things. Especially when you’ve forgotten that those items can be half as cheap if you had looked around and compared prices before the time.


Pick a Theme

The best takeaway on this is to ask and navigate your kid’s interests. One great way to do this in case they are not fully verbal or are not sure about their  favorite topic, is to search through their bedroom and look for two or three things that they play with the most, and find something in common. You can also try these age group related ideas given by some experts on the subject.

  • From ages 0-3, you can skip a birthday party all together and have a simple celebration, like a picnic.
  • From ages 3-5, bugs, butterflies and bubbles tend to be quite popular and the decor possibilities are infinite.
  • From ages 6-8, princess, pirate or Harry Potter related parties are always a hit and never fail to impress.

This is also the perfect opportunity to personalize your space by recycling material you already have in store but don’t know what to do with. For example, using hole-punches to design paper plates and napkin patterns that wow. You might even have some transparent floaty material left from previous items you bought, twinkle Christmas lights that can be used to drape tulle window ledges, binder and dot-stickers to decorate the walls as well as some balloons.

Going DIY on decoration and getting inspired by Pinterest is the best path to take because of how much money you will end up saving. Normally pre-decorated party items tend to be twice as expensive as the ones you make for yourself.


Have “Hands On” Activities

Whether the party is indoors or outdoors, there are a great variety of activities you can include that are highly dynamic and gets everyone, even the grown-up folks involved. A great tip you can use is that this is the great time to get your kid’s imagination involved as they tend to come up with the most original and creative activities to do at parties.

This is also the perfect time to put those toys and candy from previous parties to good use, as they can be the perfect piñata filler.

You can also try the legendary “Candy Olympics”, that never fail to entertain, however if you look forward to leveling up the entertainment game, especially if your party is mostly for boys, and you don’t want to host anything at your home, at they offer hosting at birthday parties for children as young as 4. The children will have the opportunity to enjoy playing archery and having a real blast while doing it.


Shout It Out

Word of mouth is by far still the best option to announce your party, but social media can also play as effective a medium of communication. With social media you are able to monitor the possible number of attendants by watching who already confirmed the event. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you make a phone call to everyone as well. In this way you have total and complete surety of the attendance records and not be left hanging at the last minute.


Get Your Kids Involved

The most memorable birthday parties for your child usually are the ones where he or she got involved behind the scenes, as this creates connection and bring your child more excitement and commitment to the party.

Some of the activities your kid can definitely participate in are:

  • Cake decoration
  • Dropping invitations to their friends or consider sending invitations by text or email instead
  • Organizing some party activities and games
  • Decorate the room or the backyard with his or her own personal touch
  • Help you out with some basic food preparation like appetizers for the guests

We hope that this list of tips helps you in some way to calm the pre-planning anxiety and get right on track to put together the best bash your children will never forget.





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