To Play or Not to Play? The Pros and Cons of Children Playing Sports


At some point, your son or daughter will probably show interest in playing a sport. As a parent, you are going to have to decide if letting your kid play sports is the right move. While most pediatricians and even experienced injury lawyers like Mike Pines are sure to say the benefits of children being involved with team sports outweigh the dangers, the risks vary depending on the particular activity and level of competition. Before signing off on a season of pee-wee football or hockey, you should have gathered enough intel to make an informed decision. The following are a few pros and cons to make this a little easier for you.


The Pros Linked to Kids and Sports

Some parents love the idea of their kids playing sports while others dread it. The following are a few reasons why letting kids play sports is a good idea.

Team Spirit

One of the main reasons you should consider allowing your kid to play a sport is team spirit. Collaboration is a key skill to have as a young child and an adult. Many careers require collaboration, which is something your children can learn by participating in sports.

Physical Health

Most parents know that obesity is a big issue, and the problem is affecting more children than ever before. There could be a number of reasons this is happening; for example, some children are simply not interested in physical activity and prefer to simply play computerized games or watch television. Obesity can seriously diminish life and put children at risk of developing issues. Playing a sport should keep your kids healthy and fit, which is great.

Hard Work

Nothing in sports comes easy. Sure, some kids excel in sports but that does not mean these individuals are excused from practicing and staying fit. Allowing your kids to participate in sports helps them accept that life is not easy and that accomplishing goals takes hard work. This is a good concept to teach your children.


Several Cons of Kids Playing Sports

Parents who are scared of letting their children play sports are not necessarily being overprotective. There are a number of issues to be concerned about and the following are just some of them.

Possible Injuries

No parent wants to put their children in harm’s way but this is a possibility in contact sports. Most activities expose children to common sports injuries like sprains or pulled muscles. Yes, the coaches are there to protect your children and get them physically ready for the challenge, which reduces the risk of injury but nothing is certain. The same can be said for the protective gear used to cushion heads and bones from harm. This is a truth parents will have to face, so be sure to think about it.

Academic Issues

Your children can become passionate about sports, which is not necessarily a bad thing but it could be. Some children can become so passionate about a sport that they begin to prioritize it over school. This can cause your children to pay more attention to the sport rather than their academic success. Parents can do their best to emphasize education, but that does not mean sports cannot lead to some academic performance issues.

Competitive Spirit

Competition is good but too much of it can make children value the idea of winning. Winning is not everything in life, yet some children can begin to feel like it defines them, which could lead to a harsh truth later on in their lives. It could also lead to some cockiness, which is not a good trait to have.

Hopefully, some of these points make it easy for you to make a decision about your children and sports. Talk to other parents about how they dealt with this to see if you can get additional tips. Also, talk to the coach as he or she may have some suggestions, too.

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