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Keeping up with a blog while also striving to have a life is a challenge for most everyone who decides to share their life stories and expertise with the world. When a blog is woven into the fabric of family life, extra challenges and perks arise. All of this is magnified when trying to maintain a blog focused on a large family.

On the one hand, there is no greater gift than being able to chronicle the adventures of a big family or perhaps even make a living by showcasing the loves of your life. On the other hand, in this age of information overload, it can be a fine line to walk in how much to involve family members in a media endeavor devoted to the large family lifestyle.   


Best Practices and Business Basics

Beyond the excitement of the initial planning phase where you took the time to pick a website host and blogging platform, purchase and register your domain name, customize a theme, and come up with a niche to help focus your categories, there will always be much to learn when it comes to starting and keeping up with a mommy blog.

Learning about sponsored posts, ecommerce stores, and affiliate links can be overwhelming at times, but that’s the price to pay for being able to construct a business out of one’s home life. Plus, it’s not enough just to tend to the website. You have to share content and interact with fans on various social media platforms, plus always look for ways to grow the all-important email list. Turning a blog into a business takes plenty of diligence.  


Delegation and Democracy

When it comes to large family life, delegation is a necessity and a priority. The older children can be in charge of looking after the younger ones. A chore chart can keep things running smoothly, and within the slots for both parents and children, should be time slots devoted to tasks needed to keep the blog running smoothly.  

Is any family truly a democracy? No. Parents always get the final say, but when posting aspects of family life online, do take the time to check-in with the kids from time to time. As they grow older, they may not want to be pictured on the blog for various reasons. Also ask yourself if you will refer to them by nicknames or their real names.


Education and Enrichment

Even if it’s decided that one or two of your children do not wish to be overtly featured on the blog, look for ways to let them contribute from time to time so the blog will be seen as an integral part of the family’s life. This could be anything from research assignments, product testing, recipe making, showing off fashions, taking pictures for the blog, or perhaps even website maintenance or writing or editing the occasional post.

If you homeschool, the family blog could provide numerous enrichment opportunities in project-based learning. Most modern school curriculums still do not devote enough time to how to write for an online environment and how crucial such writing skills (not to mention coding) are in today’s world.


Brainstorming and Post Schedule

Consider carrying a notebook of whatever size and variety works best for you at all times so you can jot ideas down for posts. If you find yourself on the go a lot, consider using a voice memo app on your smartphone to capture ideas that may otherwise fade away. If you talk more fluently than you write, it could also be worthwhile to look into transcription services.

A set posting schedule can be worth its weight in gold when it comes to keeping things sane in producing blog content. Also leave room in the schedule to take advantage of trending and newsworthy posts. To keep a light emphasis on the need for the children to contribute, consider adding a post idea jar somewhere in the house where the kids can add ideas on a regular basis.


Unplugging and Connecting

No matter what, do not let the blog get in the way of family time. It’s inevitable that weekend outings and longer trips may become the focus of posts from time to time, but always endeavor to make it a fun part of an excursion rather than a chore. Whatever you do, don’t frame an experience around what needs to be done to capture it for online audiences. Give your children as natural an experience as possible.

Even then, do make a point to have family time, whether it be a field trip or a movie or craft night at home, where everyone agrees not to document a single thing and to put their various devices away.

Despite the millions of blogs that exist, it’s never been a more exciting time to be a blogger. Starting and keeping up with your mommy blog when doing do within the context of a large family will always bring challenges and rewards. It’s a task worth living up to.

What advice would you add when it comes to starting and keeping up with your mommy blog?





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