Get Your Garden Summer Ready


Things are starting to warm up, but your garden is still looking like a mid-winter mess! Whether you’ve got a lawn that stretches into the horizon or a modest sized outdoor haven, here are some great ways to get things looking nice in no time!

The first step is cut any grass and tidy up your edges, with this done it will immediately look better and give you the motivation to do more. Use a strimmer or an edging tool to get it looking sharp and turn flowerbeds over ready for new bedding plants. There’s no escaping weeds but the earlier you start the less work it will be and remember, weed regularly to avoid having to start from scratch.

Re-stock any old pots with lush green buxus, a lollipop style olive or bay tree or some economical violas. If you’re looking to buy some new pots and plants, consider a trough for mixed herbs and a hanging basket of vibrant fuchsia. For a statement look try some tropical looking plants like a palm or cordyline. If you are not blessed with green fingers, you can always turn to experts such as those found for landscaping Mississauga.

If your outdoor furniture and fences are looking tired, give them a new lease of life with a coat of stain or paint, colours such as sage green, stone or slate grey will give your outdoor area a clean and fresh appearance. Jet wash the furniture first if you have one and give any patio areas a good blast too, it’ll make all the difference. Complete your new look with some outdoor accessories… a colourful rug, scatter cushions and some lanterns.

If you regularly use a BBQ during the summer months, dig it out now and get it cleaned up and ready to use. There’s nothing worse than finding something broken, missing or just passed its best right before you want to use it. Set up an area specifically for cooking and buy some BBQ coals and if needed some utensils, skewers and wire wool for cleaning.

With this lot under your belt, the next time a heatwave arrives you can relax and step right into your summer ready garden!




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