Top 4 popular choices in home HVAC systems – Get to know the varieties!

Your home HVAC system can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. When you want the room temperature to be warmer, you turn the system up by a few degrees. When you want it to be cooler, you turn it down a notch. However, most people in the US, who enjoy the benefits of having a dependable HVAC system at home, do not know what comprises their home Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning system.

Not being aware of the components of the system makes it easier for the repair and maintenance companies to dupe the homeowners. While seeking replacement of original parts or repair of old ones, you may want to seek the assistance of reliable and well-known Atlanta HVAC Services.


Hybrid systems

These are similar to the traditional split HVAC systems, but it is more environmentally friendly. Homeowners can take control of their home heating and cooling system with the help of electricity instead of traditional fuel. It includes a heat pump, evaporator coil, air ducts, thermostat and a furnace. The hybrid HVAC systems save homeowners money and energy costs significantly.


Heating and cooling split systems

Majority of homes in the US have split systems for heating and cooling. They include parts of the system inside and outside a house. Unless the homeowner installs an air purifier or a humidifier, almost all heating and cooling split systems are identical. They include an air conditioner, a fan or evaporator, furnace, thermostat and several air ducts. Finding people to clean maintain and repair split systems is much easier since some people are used to working on these.  


Packaged heating and air systems

This one is for compact apartments, studio apartments, and smaller homes that do not have the space to entertain the different parts of an elaborate split heating and cooling system. The usually packaged heating and air conditioning system includes an air conditioner cum heat pump, fan coil, thermostat and an evaporator. Some city homes are utilizing packaged heating and air systems to save space. These are minimal, and they can effectively control the indoor temperature throughout the year.


Duct-free HVAC systems

Interestingly, not all HVAC systems need ducts. There are several homes where installing ducts is not an option at all. Due to the different space availabilities for installation of the HVAC systems, several homes control their ambient temperature with the help of ductless systems. Ductless systems can vary considerably in size depending on the heating and cooling needs (capacity) of the household. They contain a fan coil, heat pump, and a thermostat, just like other common HVAC systems. They use tubing and wires to connect the indoor unit to the unit outside.

Not knowing the components of your traditional or hybrid HVAC system is simply not an option, if you want to keep your home air amiable throughout the year. Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling systems at home also helps prevent mold, dust and allergen build up in the vents. Knowing the components and their functions will give you a better understanding of their mechanisms. It will help you understand what kind of care each component requires to function optimally. Thus, when cleaning your duct-free system, packaged system or hybrid system, it is always better to seek the help from professionals, who have the right training and experience.  


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