In the Garden: The Best Technology Keen Gardeners Shouldn’t Be Without

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There is no part of our lives that technology isn’t changing and you might be surprised to learn that gardening isn’t any different.

Keen gardeners don’t need to look far to find a number of innovations that have been designed to make their gardens better, more productive and more aesthetic, for less effort. Here are some of the top must-have pieces of technology for gardeners in 2018.


Gardening Apps

So the saying goes, there’s an app for that, and gardening is no exception. But, when faced with so many choices, it can be difficult to decide which apps to download. Here are our recommendations:

  • GrowIt! — This is a great app if you’re new to an area and looking to get your garden established, or if you’re new to gardening full stop! GrowIt! connects you with local gardeners who are happy to share their knowledge with you. In return, you too can also upload photos of your own plants to share your gardening knowledge with others.
  • Garden Compass — This app allows you to upload photos to the website and put your questions to horticultural experts. You can also create your very own personalised garden care calendar too.


Heated propagators

Unfortunately, the UK climate doesn’t usually allow for growing the great variety of plants and vegetables found around the world but with heated propogators gardeners can solve this issue.

Using a heated propagator allows gardeners to germinate seeds earlier and with a higher success rate than traditional, non-heated propogators. No longer do you need the spiralling energy costs of keeping heated greenhouses and heated benches running constantly in order to deal with the issues of dissipating heat. Heated propagators include walls and lids which help to retain the warmth, making them a far more cost effective solution.

Temperatures can be adapted between 5°C to 30°C, enabling gardeners to grow a range of plants and for their vegetable seeds to successfully flourish. You also have the option of growing more exotic seeds and hot chillies that normally require warmer temperatures, that would be impossible to grow cooler climates without this piece of technology. As all keen gardeners know, being able to grow from seed is more cost-effective than buying an already germinated young plant too — saving you even more pennies!

Look out for heated propagators that have a light installed too. These designs can help seedlings and cuttings grow healthily. They also provide high output for low energy as often the propagator contains a reflector that can reflect lost light and diffuse light deep into the plant leaves.

Multi-pot watering

Every gardener has days where they are too busy, or even a little forgetful, of watering the plants. A pot watering kit is an excellent solution to keeping your plants watered, even if you are away from home or are distracted with your busy life. 

These kits can water up to 25 plants automatically, with some models having the ability to sense what time of the day it is, or to be programmed to water your plants. Just set up the device so that it slowly releases water to the root of the plant, connecting it to your outdoor garden tap for even less hassle.


Olloclip pro-lens

If you want to show off your green fingers through stunning photography, you want to ensure your pictures do your plants justice! Whether you want to share the detail of a plants leaves or watching the wildlife in the garden, an Olloclip Pro Lens fits nicely onto your iPhone and produces professional results. It’s simple to use; just clip it over your phone’s lens and when combined with the digital zoom, enables you to take macro photos up to 100x magnification. 

This piece of technology is perfect if you want professional shots without having to fork out for a professional camera.


Monitoring your plants requirements

The Parrot Flower Power plant monitor has approximately 7,000 plants in its database and the ability to diagnose exactly what they need. Place the monitor into the soil next to your plant and the Parrot Flower Power plant monitor will detact sunlight, fertiliser and temperature. These details are sent to your smartphone, alerting you to when your plants need more watering or fertilising. 


With such a range of technology out there, anyone can be a green fingered gardener! From the germination process to keeping your plants fed and flourishing, there’s not a lot that technology can’t do these days.







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