A Guide To Getting That Pre Baby Body Back

It is clear that women during pregnancy sustain a degree of weight gain that can be attributed to the stress, cravings and challenges they endure throughout the 9 months. After pregnancy, there is a common thought among mothers that getting that pre-baby body back with all the additional complications that come with newborns is impossible. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and following this basic guide will see you having that body back in no time.



Exercise can seem like a demanding activity for many mums who are too sleep-deprived. However, it is actually proven to have a number of benefits. Renee M. Jeffreys, an exercise physiologist, encourages exercise and agrees that is it beneficial. However, she also states that exercise should only be undertaken seriously 6 weeks after giving birth.

Performing basic exercises that you find comfortable is a great place to start, however, it is wise to avoid overworking your body, as this can be quite harmful. Mums can approach this method by attending a gym and utilizing their facilities Although, for mothers, this may seem impossible if they cannot find anyone to care for their child in the meantime.

The solution is to purchase basic gym equipment like a kettlebell and perform workouts at home. This way, you don’t have to suffer the peril of preparing your baby for a day out or have to arrange a babysitter.


Drink Water

The benefits of drinking a sufficient amount of water throughout the day can never be overstated. When directly related to exercise,  water can help speed up your metabolism, make you feel fuller and will help you to avoid dehydration. A great rule of thumb is to always have a bottle of water with you for convenient sips, which will also allow you to monitor the amount of water you drink each day.

The Institute of Medicine recommends that women consume an average of 91 ounces daily, that is 2.7 litres of food and beverages combined. If you ensure regular consumption on a daily basis it will allow you to lose weight and get back into shape at ease.



Sleep, for many mums, comes in short bursts and often new mothers will suffer from the effects of sleep deprivation. This is attributed to the newborn’s lack of ability to regulate sleep throughout the evening and often mums are to care for a crying child in the early hours of the morning.

Unfortunately, sleep is one of the biggest components to getting your pre-baby body back and without it achieving your fitness goals can be challenging. It is found that lack of sleep results in a slowed metabolism, which can put you off exercising and can also increase the likelihood of craving unhealthy foods. One method many mums utilise is to nap when their baby is asleep and asking a partner to help throughout the night allowing you to catch up on sleep.


Be Around Other Mums

It was found that surrounding yourself with individuals who dwell in a similar situation as yourself increases positivity and productivity with the challenging task at hand. For example, Carolyn Pione of Cincinnati didn’t feel as if she had time or energy to exercise after she had her baby, but soon after, her friends started a morning run club and encouraged her to join.

Pione was convinced and joined the club soon after and managed to get her pre-baby body back in no time. This shouts the ‘strength in numbers’ principle and has been proven to be a very effective and very applicable to many areas in a mother life. Being around other mums who share the similar goal to achieve that pre-baby body will see both of you eating healthily, performing regular exercise, getting plenty of sleep and drinking a sufficient amount of water.

Following this basic guide and staying on top of things as a mother will allow you to focus and get things done.




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