Summer Style for Kids Whatever the Occasion


With summer finally on the way, updating their wardrobes to make sure that your kid is the most stylish on the block is on the cards. With diaries soon to be packed with summer events and escapades, it’s time to plan outfits in advance so that your little one can rock up to any event feeling like a million dollars.

However, dressing children for different activities throughout the summer can be challenging. We’ve teamed up with River Island to bring you this life-saving style guide for all occasions, from fancy weddings to trips abroad. Check out our summer styling tips for kids, whatever the occasion:


Summer Weddings

Styling your little ones for a wedding was once quite restrictive, but not anymore. Forget finding the perfect suit — there are plenty more child-friendly options. You know your child better than anyone else and it’s guaranteed that they’ll be on the dancefloor all night long night so making sure they’re comfortable as well as stylish is a must!



Create a versatile outfit for both the day and evening event. Make a bold statement with a white shirt that includes bright and colourful prints — such as tropical leaves. A sage green blazer jacket to match will complete the outfit for the daytime ceremony but can later be removed for the afterparty when your child gets too hot from running around. 

Pick a light pair of chino-styled bottoms and go with a beige or grey colour. We do recommend avoiding white to avoid any of those notorious spill stains that might appear throughout the night. The options are endless when it comes to your child’s footwear, too, from loafers that match the blazer or how about a pair of white laced-up trainers to create that pristine look?



Removing the need to conduct a quick outfit change on the big day saves time, money and effort. One option for an all day solution is a bright print, double ruffled Bardot dress that is suitable for both the daytime ceremony and evening event.  Bardot dresses will allow your child to feel like a true princess, with the freedom to run around playfully without restricting movement! A pair of chunky sandals or backless plimsolls will highlight that summer-fun vibe!

An alternative is a mix and match of products to create that one-off look. Tiered frill cami tops are essential for any wedding in the summer. A pretty pastel shade will complement a spring-summer vibe. Partner with light blue, wide leg jeans to help show off those buckle, block-heel sandals. Accessorise with some finishing touches. How about a white straw sunhat with a yellow ribbon as well as yellow tinted oval sunglasses to give off that retro style?


Beaches Abroad

Whether climbing on rocks, taking a dip in the blue seas or building sandcastles, you want to be prepared for all scenarios. Luckily, mastering beachwear to suit any eventuality need not be an impossible task. 



The number one rule to dressing your little one when abroad is to stay away from black clothing. Dark colours won’t reflect the sun and you don’t want your child to feel too hot so lighter colours are a must. Let your little boy channel his inner sailor by ordering a light blue striped shirt which should be left unbuttoned to create that effortlessly stylish effect — also allowing him to take it off easily when he wants to venture into shallow water.

Matching the shirt with a pair of printed trunks that allows him to show off his child-style status. There are a couple of options when it comes to footwear. Pair up the outfit with traditional boat shoes or nostalgic jelly cage sandals. And don’t forget the all important sunglasses and sunhats to finish off the look!



It’s important that your little girl feels comfortable on the beach so would she prefer a tankini, bikini or a swimsuit? Whatever she chooses, we have the lowdown of the type she needs to feel like a fashion star in the making. All three swimwear types should be bright in colour allowing you to spot them easily, perhaps even with a graphic or logo of a favourite character or quote. 

Trapeze girls’ dresses are must-haves when you go to the bea. These allow your little one to cover up when lounging on the sand and they also keep effects of the sea wind at a minimum – particularly important when after a paddle in the sea. Pair with light, double-buckled sandals or jelly wedges then add cat-eye shades and an elegant beach hat.


Family excursions

Family get-together can be a conundrum when deciding on what to wear. Do you stick with formal or is informal attire the dress code for the day? We’ve come up with the perfect balance for both your little boy and little girl, so that you don’t have to decide!



Let your boy rock the cool-dude look with a faux-suede biker jacket that will add an element of sophistication to your family gathering. Team it up with a dark printed short-sleeved shirt underneath. Let them wear something that’s a little adventurous with the design, whether this is flocking birds or waves of the ocean.

Go with light-blue tapered jeans to tuck the shirt into and a buckled belt to match the jacket to create that suave, mini gentleman look. Black leather plimsolls are in this season — and it’s your boy’s chance to add a touch of informality to a formal escapade.



A faux-suede waterfall jacket is a must-have this season. Pairing it with a light lace top makes for both a wonderful yet powerful combination that will surely get family members talking. Whatever colour of the jacket, opt for a light tone underneath to enhance the elegance of the overall outfit.

Light, tie-waist tapered trousers that allow room for comfort during all occasions. However, that’s not all! Top the look off with a chain bucket backpack, a chain trim captain’s hat, and finish the look with a pair of cork sole sliders to match!


Summer, we’re ready for you now!

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