The Ultimate Guide to Enhancing Brand Popularity on Instagram

Instagram is one of the world’s fastest growing social media platforms. It was recently bought over by Facebook which has, in fact, made it easier for people all over the social media to spread their presence. For anyone who is using Facebook and Instagram, they will know that the present status of Instagram has factored out the need to post any picture or video twice. One can also find the Instagram accounts of friends on their Facebook profile. Facebook keeps providing helpful reminders of Instagram account holders from your friend list. Connecting all over the world has never been easier.

Instagram has several features which allow its user base to spread further over the internet. Especially with its new connection with Facebook, users can attempt to achieve popularity over two platforms even when they are working for just one. Over time, a high number of people have found popularity over the two platforms. The most impressive aspect is that Instagram and Facebook have several specific services which contribute to the quest for people to try and achieve a higher standing on the platform.  

Another important aspect is that people have increasingly found it to be beneficial for e-commerce. Thousands of people on this platform have used Facebook and Instagram as an e-commerce site. Some people are making a living solely out of their popularity or that of their contents over Instagram (which is automatically posted on Facebook too giving them a more substantial number of audiences).



Ways to popularise yourself over Instagram

Facebook and Instagram have incorporated several features that can be used particularly for e-commerce purposes. The higher numbers of followers for Instagram you have, the better are your chances of earning through this particular platform.

  • Using the correct hashtags: Hashtags are the number one ways for distributing your contents among people who are looking in the same field. One thing that needs to be remembered is that almost every social media platform aims to help its users find relevant content. Hashtags are tags that classify posts into a particular genre. Therefore, if your post is about animals and if you use the tag “#animals” your post is more likely to crop up amongst searches in the relative field. Anyone looking for animal pictures will find it. By being specific and using “#duck” or even “#babyduckling,” you can make sure that those who are looking for related content will be able to find your post right away.
  • Targeting the most popular hashtags: Even better would be to target the most trending hashtags. If your profile is dedicated to the people, it would be to your best advantage to work on tags that are most popular. If skydiving is the new popular trend, work your content on skydiving. It is to be noted that false advertisement is never received very happily. No one likes to search for airplanes and have to look at pictures of chocolates. Not only will your post be ignored but you will also lose credibility. Your followers will unfollow you and gaining new followers will eventually become a difficult task.
  • Interacting with the audience: Interaction with the audience is another method with which you can easily retain followers. People like interactions- having their questions answered. While not interacting does not always cause damage, interacting will work on gaining followers and keeping them. Interacting with pages you follow is also recommended for those who are trying to enlarge their presence in the social media. The liking, commenting and messaging factor is another provision in both the social platforms that could be used to popularize yourself.
  • Keeping up the performance: The number one way to retain followers is to keep on posting excellent and relatable content on your page. Notice which of your posts get maximum likes and comments and work accordingly. Use that knowledge to post more on that genre so that more people who focus on that genre can become part of your followers’ stream. If done right, this could be an immense help and bring forth more and more followers who could be quite beneficial for those who are looking to make money off of Instagram.



Instagram has found a continuous increase in the numbers of its users. Accordingly, Instagram has improved increasingly trying to adjust according to the recent trends as well as the needs of its users. Today, Instagram is one of the most influential social media platforms all over the internet.  





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