8 Inexpensive Ways to Theft-Proof Your Home for the Safety of Your Family



Home security is important for everyone.  Home break-ins leave people traumatised for a long time even after moving houses.  It is wise to ensure that your family is always kept safe from burglars both when you are home and while you are away.  

As stated, security begins with you – this means if you do not take proper measures to secure yourself, then you have no one to blame. Be intentional about securing your home and you will remain secure.


Ways to theft-proof your home

  1. Replace your dead bolt – All thieves can pick a lock!  To eliminate their chances of doing so, hold the dead bolt firmly in place so that the door can’t open.  Installing a SIMLock then sliding the lock over it keeps the dead bolt from turning. The best dead bolts are those that lock in the vertical position.
  2. Support your entry door strike plate – Reinforce your door’s weak spot with a heavy duty strike plate as well as extra-long screws that gives added strength that are needed to withstand a burglar who is trying to kick in your door.
  3. Secure your patio doors – Patio doors are always the target of burglars because they are easy to open and most of them are not locked at all.  Placing a heavy duty stick on the door track will keep the door closed. It may feel inconvenient to keep removing it every time you are opening the door but it’s important for your security.  
  4. Add door and window alarms – Ensuring that all your doors and windows are locked is the first step to being secure.  Installing alarms is also critical. Burglars hate noises! The alarms will send them running even before they attempt anything.  There are door and window alarms that can detect someone attempting to break in and those are the best to invest in. They have an on and off switch that can be activated and deactivated when you are working on the doors and windows, especially when cleaning.
  5. Upgrade your old wooden garage door – An old wooden garage door also rates among the highest targeted entry points.  Upgrading this door to a theft proof door will keep your family safe. There are many types of security doors Adelaide to choose from; ensure that you choose only the best.    
  6. Install a safe – To keep all your valuables secure at home, invest in a safe. Be sure to fasten it on a wall or on the floor so that the burglars cannot walk away with it.  It also protects your valuables against fires. Do not mount it in an obvious place; rather hide it in a corner or inside the closet.
  7. Get a peephole on your door – Never ever open your door before you have identified the person.  Get a standard peephole that is the right size that is neither too big nor too small to be able to identify the person properly before opening the door.    
  8. Protect your mail – Mail theft has been a growing crime for a long time with unsecure mailboxes being easy targets.  Use a security mailbox that needs a key to open it. Screwing your mail box to the wall of your home and using a theft-proof lock is important.      






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