5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Kids’ Party Entertainers


If you are having a party for your child, you should take time to give them a memorable experience. Hiring a kids’ party entertainer will make the event fun and engaging for your child and the attendees. However, all kids’ shows and performers are not the same. Here are tips to assist you in choosing the best party entertainer who will ensure all your guests have fun.



Determine your budget

Before you start calling up party entertainers, you should determine your party budget. Ensure that you have a total cost of the food, event space, drinks, presents, goodie bags, entertainers, and much more. This will help you determine the rates that you can afford to pay and you will know where to cut costs. You will also focus on a party entertainer who suits your budget.



Shop around

Choosing the right kids’ party entertainer will take a lot of research and time. You should take time to shop around for the best professional in the field. It is not advisable to just opt for the first person that you come across. There are plenty of entertainers around, especially for those living in big cities. You will find a better performer and maybe even save some cash if you shop around.



Valid license

A good entertainer will have the necessary license for working in the party entertainment field.  This is proof of the professional competence of the entertainer and their dedication to their work. Therefore, it is crucial for parents or party organizers to request for legal permits or licenses before hiring the services of the best childrens entertainers.



Look for experience

When choosing party performers, you should look for experienced ones. This is because experience will make a big difference to the kids’ party.  You should inquire about the number of years that they have been doing party shows. This is crucial because you want a kids’ party performer who knows what they ate actually doing and who can pull off an engaging and interactive show.


Great reviews

You should always go for entertainers who have great reviews from many people. Most entertainers will have a website with a section for testimonials and comments from past and existing clients. With great reviews or references, you will be able to choose a party entertainer who will provide you with the best services in the industry and ensure your kids have fun.


Meet the entertainer

It is crucial that you meet up with the entertainer before the actual party date. This will give you an opportunity to tell them about any special requirements that you have. The meeting can help you avoid any disappointments during your party event. It will also give you time to know the person that you are dealing with.


Kids’ entertainers can be an excellent addition to your child’s birthday party. They will make the entire event more fun, engaging, and lively. When it comes to choosing a performer for your event, you must get it right the first time. The guidelines above will assist you in making the right choice and you will therefore have a memorable party for your child.






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